On June 4 Armenian Church will celebrate the Feast of Pentecost

This year, according to the Church calendar, the Feast of Pentecost will be celebrated on June 4. 

Week of Italian Films was held in Yerevan

This is the 7th time that the Week of Italian Films is taking place in Yerevan. From May 22-26, 5 modern Italian movies were screened in Moscow Cinema. The entrance was free as always. 

Exhibition dedicated to the 99th anniversary of the first Republic of Armenia

On May 30, the Artists’ Union featured the opening of an exhibition dedicated to the 99th anniversary of the first Republic of Armenia. Compositions of painters representing different generations and styles were showcased under the title “Painters in Creation”. 

Postcards made by wounded soldiers purchased for charity purposes

Yerevan State Medical University of MkhitarHeratsi decided to buy the postcards for March 8 from the wounded soldiers. Other institutions and organizations also decided to join the initiative. All funds raised will be transferred to the Rehabilitation Center of Military Servants.

Armenian-Iranian Cultural Relations: “I am the Wind of Spring” Film about Iran

The Director of Cultural Center of the Iranian Embassy in Armenia Majid Meshkin presents the Armenian-Iranian cultural relations. The interview is followed by the film “I am the Wind of Spring” about Iran. 

Etchmiadzin Choir of Gevorkian Seminary won the second price in KolozhianAvetis Festival

Etchmiadzin Choir of Gevorkian Seminary, Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin, brought the second prize from 16th International Choir Festival organized in Grodno, Belorussia. 

Andastan service in the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin

On February 13, the evening Divine Liturgy held in Armenian Apostolic Churches were followed by Andastan service. Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin was filled with believers: here the fire was lighted by Supreme Patriarch. 

One day with Rosenthal

Endless love and devotion to music brought together three people with different characters. The first album of progressive rock band Rosenthal will be released soon.


Famous painter Zakar Khachatryan passed away in the 92nd year of his life, in St. Petersburg

On January 21, RA National Painter Zakar Khachatryan passed away in the 92nd year of his life. He was a member of Artists’ Union of Armenia and Russia, Chairman of Veterans’ Association of St. Petersburg. 

75th anniversary of State Music Comedy Theatre of Paronyan

Festive mood governed all halls and corners of Paronyan Theatre. The theatre orchestra welcomed all guests at the entrance. Episodes from operettas performed over the last years were played, which were conducted by Yuri Davtyan. The President Serzh Sargsyan visited the theatre staff to congratulate them. 

First-class radiological diagnostics equipment were installed in Izmirlian Medical Center

Izmirlian Medical Center, functioning under the Mother See, has made new procurements owing to the Armenian General Benevolent Union and Louise Simone Manoogian.First-class radiological diagnostics equipment were installed inthe Center, which are considered the most competitive equipment in terms of international criteria. 

“Goy” Theatre

“Rhinoceros”, “Opera-Opera”, “Six Characters in Search of an Author”: “Goy” theatre, founded in 80s, was able to create an alternative theatre in difficult times. Actors and directors gathered around Armen Mazmanyan were able to stage works that were novelty in theatrical art. Today the Theatre is striving to preserve the fame and colors of the past.