June 19-25

In 2016, the whole world had its eye on our country. Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin hosted Pope Francis. His three-day visit was replete with events; the Pope attended a number of sacramental ceremonies. 
The episcopal ordination of His Holinesses Bagrat and Vasken had also been held during this week. 

June 12-18

It was within this week that Karekin II Catholicosof All Armenians re-consecrated Holy Etchmiadzin Church built in 1846. On the same day the Cultural Center Hayartun – erected next door to the Church, opened its doors.
The week of June12-18 was also distinguished with the historical visit of His Holiness made to Javakhk. Last Khrimyan Hayrik paid Pontiffical visit to Javakhk around 100 years ago. 


June 26-July 2

On June 30, 2007 Vanatun of the Mother See was opened under the presidency of Karekin II Patriarch. The building was entirely renovated through the support of American Armenian philanthropist James Kalustian. The construction hosts Church delegations visiting the Mother See, Armenian and foreign high-ranking priests, guests.
During theses days over various years the Patriarch paid pontifical visits to St. Petersburg and Riga. 


June 5-11

One of the most noteworthy events that took place during the week of June 5-11 over various years was the blessing of the grounds of Holy Trinity Church constructed in one of the densely populated district South-Western. Presently the Church has significantly altered the community life. 
We have also singled out the Georgian visit of the Armenian Pontiff, which helped solving specific issues for our Church. 


Architecture Binnale

Armenian Rock: Sources and Messages of Inspiration

“Feel the Music, Feel the Drive”: three-day international Music Drive Festival was launched in Yerevan under this motto. The festival will feature some twenty local and foreign bands performing in vatious music genres. Hayk Hambardzumyan spoke about the festival and the current issues and messages of the Armenian rock music with Vardan Grigoryan, Chairman of Armenian Rock Association. 

Charents – of the Museum

Modern museum-house is not only a venue of preservation and exhibition of artifacts, but also a multifaceted cultural environment with museum, scientific, cognitive and entertainment functions. This week Yeghishe Charents turned 120. Hayk Hambardzumyan spoke about the presentation and proclamation of poet’s compositions with Anahit Asatryan, the Director of Yeghishe Charents Museum-House. 

Isahakyan in Letters

The letters of writers usually published in the final volumes of the complete collections of their writings, and more seldom – in separate collectiosn, can interest not only literary critics- text specialists, but also wider circles of society. The letters allow observing the author in the real life and cross-check his/her literature against his/her biography and the opposite. However, we’re often confronted with the question of how decent is it to publish intimate letters, and how does it contribute to getting to know the writer? 

Stalin Repressions in Armenia

Few families can be found in Armenia who didn’t suffer this way or another from Stalin repressions, yet not many studies exist on these issues, especially such important issue as the moral-psychological atmosphere then, the attitude of those repressed toward the persons involved in political persecution and the system itself. Hayk Hambardzumyan spoke about these issues with ethnographer Harutyun Marutyan. 

Charles Aznavour, Saved Jews and French Resistence

How did Aznavourian family participate in the salvation of Jews during the World War II, and what was their relation with Missak Manouchian, the national hero of France? What is the reason for all of these to be disclosed in the book written by a Jewish scholar? 
Hayk Hambardzumyan spoke about these issues with the Director of Tchobanian Institute in Paris Varoujan Sirapian. 

Armenian Woman in Modern Public Perceptions

On the Women’s and Mothers’ Days congratulations and beautiful words are said on the role of Armenian woman. At the same time, concerns are raised about violation of women’s rights in our society, domestic violence, gender discrimination. How compatible are the toasts and concerns, does discrimination actually exist and how is it expressed? Hayk Hambardzumyan spoke about these issues with Anna Gevorgyan, researcher at YSU Center for Civilization and Cultural Studies. 

March 27-April 2

In the diary of March 27 to April 2 we address the cooperation between the Christian Education Center of the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin and Dasaran.am, the mission of Beirut “Religious Women of Holy Etchmiadzin” and other memorable events.