Calming of the Storm (Mark 4:35-41, Mathews 8:18, 23-27, Luke 8:22-25)

How did Christ’s desciples and His followers respond when a huge storm began as they were sailing? What did Chirst say to the scared crowd and how did he calm the storm? 
Rev. Father Ruben Zargarian provides explanations on the passage. 


The Sermon of Mount (Math. 4:23-25, Luke 5:1-2)

What is the Sermon of Mount about, with whom and why does Christ speak about the differences of preaching and teaching? Why did he specifically choose the Mount of Beatitudes? 
Rev. Father Ruben Zargarian provides explanations on the passage. 


Jesus Appoints the 12 Disciples (Mark 3:13-19, Mathews 10:1-4, Luke 6:11-16)

All three synoptic Evangelists covered the episode of Jesus appointing the twelve. Why did Jesus select the 12 from the crowd of his followers? What did that selection mean and what mission were they to fulfil? Rev. Father Ruben Zargarian provides explanations on the passage. 

Healing of Centurion’s Servent (Mark 1:40-45, Math. 8:1-4, Luke 5:12-16)

Who did the heathen centurion ask for mediation in order to meet Jesus? What desease was leprosy, and how did people carrying this desease live?
When Christ met a leper on his way, what does he say to him, how is the life of this Galilean change later? Rev. Father Ruben Zargarian provides explanations on the passage. 


“Golden Apricot” and the Present of Armenia Filmography

International Film Festival “Golden Apricot” kickoff had its 14th time in Yerevan. This year more than 100 films were included in different competition and non-competition program. “Armenian Panorama” feature film program includes three films. Within the scope of the TV series “Topic”, Hayk Hambardzumyan conversed with Levon Minasian, the director of one of these films called “Bravo, Virtuoso”. 

Higher Education Institution and Labor Market

How are the Armenian higher education institutions (HEIs) react to the labor market requirements, are there any mutual linkages between universities and employers, what is the demand for the professions given in our HEIs both in Armenian and abroad? 
Hayk Hambardzumyan discussed these issues with education expert Serob Khachatryan. 

guest: Lusine Simonyan

Day 6 hosts the Director of Child Development Foundation Lusine Simonyan. 

guest: Hayk Khemchyan

It’s been 5 years since the foster family institute is enforced in Armenia. The program is implemented in Armenia by UNICEF, USAID and the Ministry of Social Issues. Foster family shelters the parentless child, where he/she receives family nurturing, love and warmth. In the meanwhile, efforts are made to contact the biological family of the child and return the child to their family when he/she turns 18. 

guest: Davit Safaryan

“International Film Festival “Golden Apricot” every year brings us one step closer to the international film production processes, make Armenia recognizable in the global film map, while making film world filmmaking tendencies to the Armenian viewers”. 
The TV program “Day 6” hosts filmmaker Davit Safaryan, Chairman of Armenian Panorama competition jury, 14th International Film Festival “Golden Apricot”.

Yerevan in Sketches

Being an Actor in Armenia: Conditions and Opportunity to Choose

We often hear complaints that this or that favorite actor was screened in poor quality serial or low quality comedy, is running TV show or acts as toast master in weddings. It is quite understandable that it is preferable to see loved actors only ien the theatre stage or good films, however does our film production with its current volume and theatre with its current capacity provide necessary conditions for the actor to realize his/her creative potential? Does the actor as a whole have any opportunity to choose? 

Compositions of Modern Armenian Composers in Armenia and Abroad

Classic concerts are organized in Yerevan not so seldom, there are also a number of music festivals. Yet it’s hard to say how often do  these concerts and festival feature the compositions of modern Armenian composers’ works. More often we come across with the performances of our composer’s works abroad, job offers outside Armenian etc. Why is it so, why is the art of modern composers more interesting aborad, how should this area be regulated? 
Hayk Hambardzumyan discussed these issues with composer, piano Artur Avanesov.