Festive Divine Liturgy of Khachverats in the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin

On September 17, a festive Divine Liturgy was offered in all Armenian Apostolic Churches to mark Khachverats. The celebrant in the Mother Cathedral was Primate of the Armenian Diocese of Romania Bishop Tatev Hakobyan.  Armenian Church calendar contains 4 feasts dedicated to Cross.  Khachverats in one of the major church holidays of our Church and is celebrated on the Sunday between the week of September 11-17.  

Khachverats in Tonatsuits (Church Calendar) Folk Theatre

Tonatsuits Folk Theatre functioning for around ten years near St. Hovhannes Church of Byurakan attempls to restore long-forgotten Armenian rituals and traditions. They picture episodes of folk rites especially during national-church feasts. This time they were celebrating Khachverats. 

Sermon of Cross in Azatutyun Avenue

In Ararat Diocesan St. Sarkis Church,  Young people prayed together with Father Petros Malyan, took blessed crosses and marched to Azatutyun Avenue. The participants of Cross Sermon distributed around 200 crosses in different bus-stations of the Avenue. 

Beautiful handicraft Tohoku in Armenia

An exhibition called “Beautiful Handicraft of Tohoku” was opened in the Hovhannes Sharambeyan Folk Arts and Crafts Center.

6th International Folklore Festival “Armenia in the Cross-Roads of Peace” kicked off

The degustation of harisa put the beginning of the 6th International Folklore Festival “Armenia in the Cross-Roads of Peace” that was held in Tonatsuits (Feast Calendar)” Center of Byurakan. 

Batique Class of Etchmiadzin Armenian Church Youth Center

The students of Etchmiadzin Armenian Church Youth Center create everywhere – they paint stones, bottles, create clothes they designed themselves. 

Cana Training Center

Our crew visited Cana Christian Training Center of Ararat Patriarchal Diocese.

Bronze sculpture of Daniel Yerazhisht (Musician) under the ownership of public henceforth

Sculptor Rafayel Manukyan presented the bronze bust of Daniel Yerazhisht in the exhibition-concert titled “Music and Plastique” held in Naregatsi Art Union.

Sangibaran Gospel was brought to St. Shoghakat Monastery

It’s been the 4th year since on every August 31 believers come for pilgrimage to St. Etchmiadzin St.  Shoghakat Monastery.The handwritten Gospel of 12th century held in custody in Matenadaran since 1972 is taken out every year, on this very day to communicate its powers to believers.The believers include many residents of Sangibaran village of Peria Province, Iran.The Gospel has been maintained in the village Sangibaran and taken to Armenia later on.


Graduates of military training institutions in the Mother See

Today Catholicos of All Armenians received the Minister of Defense Vigen Sargsyan in the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin.  The Minister was accompanied by the Chaplain of Armed Forces Bishop Vrtanes Abrahamyan. The graduates of 2016-2017 military training institutions of Armenia and foreign countries came to receive the blessing of the Armenian Pontiff.  The blessing ceremony of future officers took place in the Mother Cathedral.

Dance Class of Etchmiadzin Armenian Church Youth Center

Sona Says: “Before taking up dance, I was putting my feet crooked, I was thinking I am club-footed. Everything changed after I started going to dance.” Sona and her friends attend the Dance class of Etchmiadzin Armenian Church Youth Center. 

Annual Clergy Meeting was held in the Mother See

On May 29 the Divine Liturgy in the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin was followed by the Annual Clergy Meeting attended by over two hundred priests from Armenia, Artsakh and the Diaspora Dioceses of the Armenian Church.