Father Mikayel Nurijanyan

“Every priest should pass through the four stairs – repentance, remission of sins, conversion and communion. We should walk towards God in a life worthy of a Christian.”
TV program “My Pastor” hosts Father Mikayel Nurijanyan. 


Armenia and Neighbors: Armenia-Turkey

Constitutional changes took place both in Armenia and Turkey: Turkey shifted to presidential administration, and Armenia – to parliamentary. What new realities might be brough about by these changes in terms of relations of two countries and what new challenges might arise? The topic is discussed by Bagrat Estukian, Armenian Language Editor of the Istanbul-based “Agos” newspaper and Anush Hovhannisyan, expert in Turkish studies and political analyst Anush Hovhannisyan. 

Ayl Kerp (Otherwise)

In 2014 Sofya Khachatryan, Anahit Hakobyan and Elina Melikyan made a decision to produce an Armenian intellectual table game called Ayl Kerp (otherwise), which is quite popular now among young people. Ayl Kerp was followed by “Ayl Kerpik” for children, then Mek Shnchov (in on breath) and Zil Zarr (cool dice). In the beginning it was just a hobby for the friends, now it’s also a small business treated in enthusiasm and love by its founders. 


Architecture Binnale

Armenian Rock: Sources and Messages of Inspiration

“Feel the Music, Feel the Drive”: three-day international Music Drive Festival was launched in Yerevan under this motto. The festival will feature some twenty local and foreign bands performing in vatious music genres. Hayk Hambardzumyan spoke about the festival and the current issues and messages of the Armenian rock music with Vardan Grigoryan, Chairman of Armenian Rock Association. 

Charents – of the Museum

Modern museum-house is not only a venue of preservation and exhibition of artifacts, but also a multifaceted cultural environment with museum, scientific, cognitive and entertainment functions. This week Yeghishe Charents turned 120. Hayk Hambardzumyan spoke about the presentation and proclamation of poet’s compositions with Anahit Asatryan, the Director of Yeghishe Charents Museum-House. 

Current Issues related to the Study and Publication of Monuscripts

The rich manuscript heritage reserved in Matenadaran (Manuscript Library) and other collections is not only something to exhibit and be proud of, but also in need of new studies and publishing. What studies of manuscripts are currently underway, how are the results of these studies used in Armenian studies, what are the current issues in the publication of scientific research originals? 
Hayk Hambardzumyan discussed these issues with the Head of Department of Manuscript Studies and Depositories, PhD in History Gevorg Ter-Vardanyan. 

Charles Aznavour, Saved Jews and French Resistence

How did Aznavourian family participate in the salvation of Jews during the World War II, and what was their relation with Missak Manouchian, the national hero of France? What is the reason for all of these to be disclosed in the book written by a Jewish scholar? 
Hayk Hambardzumyan spoke about these issues with the Director of Tchobanian Institute in Paris Varoujan Sirapian. 

Armenian Woman in Modern Public Perceptions

On the Women’s and Mothers’ Days congratulations and beautiful words are said on the role of Armenian woman. At the same time, concerns are raised about violation of women’s rights in our society, domestic violence, gender discrimination. How compatible are the toasts and concerns, does discrimination actually exist and how is it expressed? Hayk Hambardzumyan spoke about these issues with Anna Gevorgyan, researcher at YSU Center for Civilization and Cultural Studies. 

The Church and Social Role of Woman

How is the issue of equal gender rights expressed in theology, in church and public life? How can self-discrimination hinder the realization of equal rights of men and women? The issue is discussed by Bishop Gevorg Saroyan and Director of German High Schools Armenia Branch Lusine Kharatyan.


Psychological Overcoming of Disaster Consequences

The earthquake of 1988 turned the North of Armenia into a disaster zone. Unfortunately, this is the third decade since we fail to get rid of the mentality of the aggrieved despite of numerous attempts to assess and analyse the effects of disaster on our own lives. How to overcome the consequences of disaster, how does it separate from us? 
The topic is discussed by psychologist Mels Mkrtumyan and Father Smbat Sargsyan.

guest: Narine Tukhikyan

The TV program hosts Narine Tukhikyan, Director of Hovhannes Tumanyan House-Museum. “It’s quite possible that the involvement of women in foreign policy doesn’t bring about many changes, despite the existence of a number of female leaders in the world, however, their involvement in public life causes enormous changes to take place.”