Lilit Melikyan, Naira Mkhitaryan

Painter-designers Lilit Melikyan and Naira Mkhitaryan not always agree to each other’s opinion, yet they are indispensable friends. The friendship acquired at a mature stage of life is a most precious gift of life. The friends tell about their past experiences, trials, achievements and future.

Armine Tumanyan, Sevada Grigoryan

Artists Sevada Grigoryan and Armine Tumanyan love the warm gatherings in Tavush. Friendship is a gift and in order to keep it, it is necessary to put effort and value each other.

Vigen Avetis, Vahagn Hayrapetyan

The friendship between sculptor Vigen Avetis and musician Vahagn Hayrapetyan goes back to those times, when they were only third class pupils. They recollect their unbelievably adventurous friendship of forty years.

Avag Harutyunyan, Artashes Emin

The friendship between translator Artashes Emin and Avag Harutyunyan was accidental and very interesting. Artashes in his search for good Armenian wine one day tastes his wine and thinks to himself: “If someone can make such a good wine, he should be quite a man. So I found him and I proved to be right, and now we are friends for the last two decades.”


Armen Safaryan, Father Shahe Hayrapetyan

The first meeting of the stage director Armen Safaryan and Father Shahe Hayrapetyan took place in the Institute of Fine Arts and Theatre. Their acquaintance was accompanied with some incident, and years later they met in the Church. This meeting was to change everything…

Vrezh Hakobyan, Yervand Ghazanchyan

“Is 60 years of friendship a lot or too little?”: Yervand Ghazanchyan and Vrezh Hakobyan make jokes, remember and tell stories. 

Aghasi Mikayelyan, Harutyun Mnatsakanyan

The friendship between Aghasi Mikayelyan, PhD in Physics, and Director of Argreyn LLC Harutyun Mnatsakanyan underwent several trials. They say that still have a lot to learn from each other. They remember, tell and joke in front of our camera… 

Lusine Azaryan, Gagik Ginosyan

Lusine Azaryan and Gagik Ginosyan often performed on the same stage. They both can’t recollect how they became friends. Their friendship, to them, resembles to our mountains and our dances – shoulder to shoulder and straight. 

Artak Hambardzumyan, Sevada Sargsyan

Master of khachkars (cross-stone) Artak Hambardzumyan and painter Sevada Sargsyan met in the Pedagogical Institute. The once professor-student relationship spans into warm friendship. Two friends recall their adventurous path of their friendship. 

Mamikon Mkhitaryan, Paitsar Avetisyan

National Master of RA Mamikon Mkhitaryan and painter Paitsar Avetisyan met in Petersburg while being students. Friends of forty years recollect their lives so rich in adventures and trials. 

Father Sevak Saribekyan, Narek Melkonyan, Nairi Melkonyan

Father Sevak Saribekyan still gets excited as he remembers his childhood spent with brothers Narek Melkonyan and Nairi Melkonyan. Even today, their smiliarities are many and their friendship – steadfast. Where there is the Italian cocktail made by Father Sevak and the accompaniment of Nairi’s guitar, then the meeting is a colorful and pleasant one. 

Arev Petrosyan, Anahit Markosyan

Painter Arev Petrosyan and Anahit Markosyan, Head of Research and Development in Nairian Cosmetics didn’t even remember how they became friends. All they remember is the impression from their first meeting: there felt so close to each other as if they were friends for ages.