The heroes of the TV series are school children with their interests and problems. However, one thing that they do with pleasure is wearing a robe and rise on Altar and serve as an Acolyte in the Church.
Every TV program is one story, a case of communication with the Church.
Frequency: Monday, at 21:00

Three Brothers

“Narek’s dream is to become a military, Levon – chief-cook, and my dream is to become a real doctor”, - says 8 years old Vardan. “We like inventing games with brothers, to paint, but most of all we wait for Sunday to participate in Divine Liturgy and go up the altar in the Holy Trinity Church. It’s good when all three of us together sing and pray”.

Arthur from Church of Azatan

“Something that occurred during a pilgrimage made me ask my mom to allow me serving in the Church”. Ten years old Arthur now serves in St. Stepanos Church in Azatan and participates in the Divine Liturgy. He shares his thoughts and dreams: the most important of them is his dream to become an actor like Frunzik. 

Davit from St. Katoghike Church of Jrvezh

We met little Davit in St. Katoghike Church of Jrvezh. He told us about his first time wearing a garment of acolyte, getting to the altar and his dreams. 


It all started from that moment on when Aram’s godfather presented the Children’s Bible to him. Now he wears Church garment in the Holy Trinity Church, gets on the altar and takes part in the Divine Liturgies. Aram has already made up his mind on his profession and believes that his dream should come true. 


One day, after a pilgrimage, Heghine decided to attend Sunday classes of Noragavit St. Gevork Church. It was followed by her attending the Divine Liturgies, and then… 


“He has always been such a boisterous child that we thought whether he could stand for two hours straight. And we were amazed as we learned that he wanted to get to the altar and take part in the Divine Liturgies. So we went to Father Norayr…” 

Zoravor Mankunk (Powerful Children)

Father Grigor Grigoryan believes that it was the spiritual song that brought the children to the church and united them. The Choir “Zoravor Mankunk” was established one year ago and has already managed to perform in concert stages, as well as in the church. This tim thy perform Christmas caroles. 

Four brothers

Hovhannes, Pargev, Gor and Arman are brothers. All four of them were ordained in 2009 as acolytes. The family lives in the yard of Yerevan St. Grigor Lusavorich Church. Hovhannes, the eldest of brothers, remembers the process of building the Church very well. They got acquainted with the priests right there, in the yard of the church. This was a circumstance to determine the future path of Hovhannes, and later, of other brothers.


Hayk and Mariam

When mother started singing in St. Hovhannes Church Choir of Arinj, little Mariam couldn’t remain indifferent...



On one occasion, after singing in Harichavank, Erik made up his mind to become an acolyte, wear a garment and participate in the Divine Liturgy. In front of the camera, Erik tells us what is he taking home after every Divine Liturgy…


The Dream of Hakob

It’s been three years since Hakob’s family is attending St. Mashtots Church in Oshakan. “In the beginning it was so hard to attend a three-hour Divine Liturgy. I didn’t make much out of it. But when I saw Hakob at the altar… Now I understand what we missed before”, - says Hakob’s mother. Everything started from Hakob’s dream... 


Henrik from Mughni

Henrik lives in Mughni. He was eight when he participated in Divine Liturgy with his cousin and rose up on altar first time. Henrik has many hobbies, such as chess, football, foreign languages, but he dutifully goes to Church every Sunday because he has certain things to do there...