The news coverage “Ecclesiastical Life” features Armenian Apostolic Churchactivities in the spheres of education, cultur, public, health and others. It also addresses Church Feasts, tells about public structures, youth movements, activities of District Youth Centers functioning adjacent to Dioceses. It also presents the ministry in the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin, the life of an Armenian believer in congregation both in Armenia, as well as in foreign Dioceses.
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The message of the Armenian Pontiff on the Feast of Annunciation

On April 7, Catholicos of All Armenians Karekin II delivered a congratulatory message. 

Ecclesiastical life 25.03.2018 Festive coverage on Palm Sunday (Tsakhkazard)

A festive Divine Liturgy of Palm Sunday was offered in all Armenian Apostolic Churches. Catholicos of All Armenians Karekin II attended all festivities in the Mother See. 
In Arabkir Church, the festive Divine Liturgy of Tsakhkazard was held by Father Hrant Manukyan.  This was the very first Liturgy of the newly-ordained priest and the first Tsakhkazard of Arabkir Church. 
St. Anna Church of Yerevan was also replete with believers and children on the Palm Sunday. The Liturgy here was offered by Very Rev. Fr. Zakaria Baghumyan.
The festive Divine Liturgy of Tsakhkazard in St. Grigor Narekatsi Church of Armavir was offered by Father Tachat Injighulyan.  The children's blessing ceremony was offered by the Primate of Armavir Diocese Bishop Sion Adamyan.
The Palm Sunday was celebrated by national traditions. On Palm Sunday, “Vostan” Band presented folk songs, dances and games at “Ilik”. 


Ecclesiastical life 19.03.2018

Catholicos of All Armenians Karekin II was in Ukraine for a two day visit. On day 1, he performed the blessing ceremony of the church under construction in Kiev. On March 17, the newly-constructed church St. Grigor Lusavorich of the city Dnepr was consecrated. 
On March 17, the first of the 3 feasts dedicated to St. Grigor Lusavorich (Gregory the Illuminator) will be celebrated - the Entrance or Captivity in the Pit. 
Sixth Sunday of the Great Lent is called Pentecost. 
On March 18, the sacrament of the day was explained to the believers gathered in the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin for Divine Liturgy by Bishop Vardan Navasardyan.
On the day prior to the Sunday of Pentecost, the high school- students of Vanadzor School N13 and Tsaghkavan community schools attended a joint open class in Haghartsin Monastery. 


Ecclesiastical life 16.03.2018

On March 17, Saturday, the first of the 3 feasts dedicated to St. Grigor Lusavorich (Gregory the Illuminator) will be celebrated - the Entrance or Captivity in the Pit. The clergy is invited to Khor Virap to take part in the Divine Liturgy, plead for the saint’s intercession and be granted the blessing and power of the relic.
A meeting of the students of Gevorkian Theological Seminary and those of the Police Academy was held in the building of Police Academy. Diverse questions were discussed.
By the presidency of the Primate of Tavush Diocese Bishop Bagrat Galstanyan, the clergy continues traveling to the surrounding Diocesan Churches with joint prayers. On March 14, Wednesday, a Sunrise Liturgy was offered.
In Karvachar mountains, a Home-blessing ceremony was held in the chapel constructed by soldiers. Two cross-stones were placed next to the Chapel to commemorate the military officers deceased in the April four-day war of 2017.
International news feed. The authorities of Egypt legalized 53 Christian churches. Ethnographic Museum of St. Petersburg hosts an exhibition dedicated to the construction of the Cathedral of Isaac. In Texas, US, a Chapel of Reflections and Joyful Feelings was opened. The Vatican host its first hackathone this week, harnessing the technological skills and creativity of programmers from more than 5 continents. 
News feed from dioceses: By the initiative of the clergy of Constantinople Patriarchate, the traditional three-day pilgrimage of the Great Lent has launched in the historical Caesarea.   Interfaith gatherings of Canadian Armenian Diocese continue: another meeting in Vancouver.   
The Primate of the Armenian Diocese of Georgia made a speech at the meeting of the Georgian State Agency for Religious Affairs. 


Ecclesiastical life 12.03.2018

The visit of the Patriarch of Antioch and All East Ignatius Ephrem II to Holy Etchmiadzin was completed. 
Armenian Theological Seminary of Jerusalem preparing to admit students: who are eligible? 
Third exhibition of the series of exhibitions “Creating Hands” was opened in Gevorkian Theological Seminary. 
The Feast of Michink symbolizing the middle off the Great Lent was celebrated in the Armenian Diocese of Georgia. 
The platform Yes of FAR and GOALS Armenia plan to establish a female football league in Kotayk Marz this year. 
Chess contest participated by the students of the Armenian Youth Centers and Arabkir Chess School. 


Ecclesiastical life 23.03.2018

The preceding week of the Resurrection of Christ is called Holy Week; every day of that week is outstanding and they tell about the last days of Christ on earth. Key rituals of the Holy Week and their sacrament.
Third annual conference “Traditional Values and Modern Challenges” was held in the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin attended by the representatives of the Armenian and Russian NGOs, experts, priests, public and state figures.
On March 21, the ranks of Archimandrite of the Armenian Apostolic Church was replenished with a newly-anointed Archimandrite Rev. Fr. Yeremia Abgaryan . A service of ordination was held in the Holy Mesrop Mashtots Church of Oshakan.
This year, the 2800th anniversary of the establishment of Yerevan will be celebrated. The Christian Education Center of the Mother See joined the festivities.  The pupils of Yerevan will have open classes on the existing and destroyed churches of Yerevan. 
An event dedicated to Palm Sunday was held in Avetik Isahakyan’s House-Museum. The school-children attended an open class on the Armenian ritual traditions of the Easter. 


Ecclesiastical life 09.03.2018

On the invitation of Catholicos of All Armenians Karekin II, the Patriarch of Antioch and All the East Mor Ignatius Ephrem II is in the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin. This is the third visit of the Patriarch. 
The 24th day of  the Great Lent is called Michink (Mid-Lent). This year it was celebrated on March 7. 
To mark Michink, Nork Marash’s St. Astvatsatsin Church Youth Union visited the children under treatment in Muratsan Hospital.
The Publishing Department of the Mother See published the second volume of the collection “Sermons and Verses” by the Patriarch Vasken I.
An Armenian Apostolic Church is under construction in High Point city of Massachusetts, US.  
More and more catering institutions are adding lenten food to their menu. 


Ecclesiastical life 05.03.2018

Another week of the Great Lent - the sacrament of the Sunday of Judge: explains the priest.
The Publishing Department published the collection “Sermons and Essays” by the Very Rev. Fr. Shahe Ananyan.
By the presidency of the Primate of Tavush Diocese, the clergy offered Divine Liturgy of covenant in St. Hovhannes Church of Odzun. 
Sunday of Judge as explained by former judge. Pargev Ohanyan talks about the significance of the Great Lent.
Diocesan news  The Armenian Churches around the world commemorated the peaceful population victimized in 1988 in Azerbaijan. The Primate of Georgian Armenian Diocese visited Armenian centers of Ninotsminda. An exhibition titled “Christians of East” was opened attended by the Prime Minister of France. The Superior Court of Turkey abrogated the decision on nationalizing St. Kirakos Church of Diarbekir.
International news feed Holy Mother of God Devotion Day in Catholic Church calendar. Fines imposed due to violation of the Muslim women’s rights. The Resurrection Church of Jerusalem closed down previously has been re-opened. The Patriarch of the Russian Church has complained from the President of Bulgaria.


Ecclesiastical life 12.02.2018

February 11 is the Feast of Bun Barekendan. The period of the Great Lent is starting.
The first Divine Liturgy was offered in Arabkir newly-built church. It was dedicated to the Feast of Bun Barikendan. It was a double joy for community residents.
Exhibition project “Creating Hands” was launched in the Mother See. During the entire year, around fifty painters, sculptors and photographers will have the opportunity to be exhibited in Gevorkian Theological Seminary.
Playground-shelter was opened in Paravakar village. This is the third playground-shelter designed for children that was opened in Tavush Marz.
Feast of Bun Barekendan in the Armenian Diocese of Georgia. Պատարագի ընթացքում ընթերցվել է Հայոց հայրապետի սրբատառ կոնդակը: 
Puppetry dedicated to the Feast of Bun Barekendan. “Ilik” creative group staged Hovhanner Tumanyan's “Barekendan” puppet performance for children.
On February 10, Tashir underground street of the Northern Avenue of Yerevan turned into a unique cultural corner. The students of the Armenian Apostolic Church Youth Centers presented their handicraft, songs and dances.
International news feed Rome’s Colosseum will be lit in red to mark the blood of Christians shed there. Number of pilgrims traveling to the Holy Land has been doubled. Roman Pope Francis will canonize one of his precedents - Paul VI.


Ecclesiastical life 09.02.2018

On February 8, our Church celebrated the Feast of St. Vartan and His Companions. The celebrant of the Liturgy in the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin, Bishop Mushegh Babayan read the Holy Encyclical of Catholicos of All Armenians Karekin II dedicated to the centenary of the First Republic and Heroic wars of May. 
On February 8, the Feast of St. Vartan and His Companions was celebrated in Gevokian Theological Seminary, which was attended by the clergy of the Mother See, seminarians, heads and students of various educational institutions of Armenia.
An event dedicated to St. Vartan and His Companions was held in St. Grigor Narekatsi Church of Gugark Diocese. 
On February 7, the baptist basin and cornerstones of the newly constructed Church of Arabkir community were consecrated. Thus, hereinafter it will be possible to serve a Divine Liturgy in the second largest church of Yerevan after St. Grigor Lusavorich church. 
On February 7, a press conference on the Feast and consecration of Bun Barekendan was held in Ararat Patriarchal Diocese: this year it will be celebrated on February 11.
From February 11, series of exhibitions titled “Creating Hands” will commence in Gevorkian Theological Seminary throughout the entire year.  Father Asoghik Karapetyan spoke about the topic during a press conference.
News from the Armenian Diocese of Georgia Towards the Feast of Bun Barekendan, a Harisa (national Armenian dish) Hestival was held in the Armenian Diocese of Georgia. The Primate of the Diocese Bishop Vazgen Mirzakhanyan paid a pontifical visit to Ajaria. 


Ecclesiastical life 02.02.2018

Armenian Presidential candidate, RA Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to the United Kingdom Armen Sargsyan was received by Catholicos of All Armenians. 
The participants of the meeting of Eastern Orthodox and Catholic churches sitting henld in the Mother See today met with Catholicos of All Armenians Karekin II. 
Throughout the year 2018, the Museum of the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin will host series of exhibitions called "Creating Hands" to support young artists in Armenia and the Diaspora.
Literary fund of Vatche and Tamar Manoukian Manuscript Library of the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin has been replenished with the literature provided by the RA Ministry of Diaspora.
It’s been already 16 years since the “Family and Community” non-governmental charitable organization operates in Armavir Diocese.
News feed: Fire at Sacra di San Michele of Piedmont in Italy. 
Patriarch of the Coptic Church, Pope Tawadros, emphasizes positive changes in the situation of Coptics in Egypt. 
A hidden chapel was discovered during the restoration of Panagia Sumela monastery in the province of Trabzon. 
One of the Catholic churches in Lisbon was provided to the Russian Orthodox Church. 
The patriarch of Jerusalem stated that the monastery of St. John the Baptist is functional since January 29 . 


Ecclesiastical life 29.01.2018

The festive Divine Liturgy dedicated to the Armenian Army Day in the Mother See. 
Feast of St. Sarkis in the Diocese of Tavush. 
Feast of St. Sarkis in the Armenian Diocese of Georgia. 
St. Sarkis Chapel of Hrazdan Penitentiary was re-consecrated. 
Gifts of Eurnekians to the soldiers. 
Feast of St. Sarkis in Kean Center.