The life of a human being is a course of searching, finding and recognizing one’s own self. So difficult and beautiful.  
In the TV series “God in Me”, well-known intellectuals, artists and priests reflect on their secrets referring to the Godly and the human, the eternal and happiness.
Frequency: Every Monday, at 21:50
Rerun: Tuesday, at 10:50

Ruben Nalbandyan

“Do you fancy someone faithless make khachkar? A khachkar maker can’t go without faith and love, he should have God inside him, as the work will not otherwise move forward”. The TV series this time hosted khachkar maker-master Ruben Nalbandyan.


Marine Asatryan

Marine Asatryan, director, is known as the director of youth theatre groups. In the world of children, where frankness and straightforwardness are in power, she feels even closer to God…


Getik Baghdasaryan

''The first sculptor was Him that created Adam, then Eve, there is such a close relation between the Creator and the sculptor'', - speculates Getik Baghdasaryan, sculptor. His works are distinguished for their huge sizes and cover wide geography -- the monument of Nerses Ashtaraketsi in Ashtarak city, the monument of Hamo Sahyan -- in the native city of the writer, Sisian. The inner world of the artist is similary wide and profound...


Aram Issabekyan

There are a lot of great things in the world, however, for painter Aram Issabekyan, the most wonderous of all in the world is the human being, with its prompt to think, create and simply live. The painter loves reading since childhood; he first read the Bible as a teenager and thought over the evil and good, life and death. His conversation with us was one of reviving his old feelings and rephrasing of the new ones...

Narine Malyan

Narine Malyan, the Artistic Director of Malyan Theatre, opens up in front of our camera. “We get all the lessons of life from our childhood, under the family roof”, - says Narine as she recalls those days she spent with her legendary father – film director and artist Henrik Malyan.


Ruben Hovsepyan

"God is in me, therefore I strive for perfection... And every single man is like that, as much God as he can place within himself, as much he can say that God is in me". This is how Ruben Hovsepyan, writer, screenwriter, interpret the title of TV series, thus exposing himself...


Zaven Sargsyan

The Director of Sergei Parajanov House-Museum, Zaven Sargsyan was born and grew up in the Soviet reality, without receiving any spiritual education whatsoever. Self-recognition came with photography. Over time, the artist revealed the presence of God in himself....


Aram Satyan

Aram Satyan is one of the modern famous composers, the author of a number of marvelous academic and pop musical pieces. As he himself notes, most of his songs are about love. He believes that every artist should thank God and make use of his own share of time reasonably.


Karine Piliposyan

Karine Piliposyan is a criminalist by specialty, however, she has never dealt with that field since her graduation of Yerevan State University. She works in the National Center of Aesthetics since its foundation and leads the section on handicraft there. Karine Piliposyan feels lucky that such a deflection happened in her life and the inner artist in her won.

Davit Gyurjinyan

In front of our camera, linguist Davit Gyurjinyan medidates over life, spiritual values, national education, careful attitude towards language. 


Davit Hakobyan

Actor, director Davit Hakobyan meditates over the topics of memorable spots of his own path, our national spiritual structure, human happiness etc. The program features episodes from the plays of the director “Life Outside of the Box”, “Anush”, “Davit of Sasun”. 


Armine Hayrapetyan

It turns out, that Armine Hayrapetyan, author-performer, is also an archaeologist. Science is often contradictive, problematic. However, it never disturbed Armine to be a scientist. "Whenever I try to go towards the unknown, I delve into and excavate inside, because the answer to all questions is there, as for the exhortation 'Love each other', no other simpler and more vivid formula exists".