Azatan is the largest village of Shirak. The village Church is St. Stepanos Church. St. Stepanos Church is always full of children. They participate in all ceremonies, Sunday classes. Then they clean the Church and its outskirts. All their games, talks and spare time is held in the Church yard. “What we feel inside the Church walls, we don’t feel it any other place. Wherever we go, the Church is the best”,- say the children of Azatan. 


They know all sacred places of the village, the story of all destroyed Churches, the legends they hide. They take the visitors of the village first to the Church and ceaselessly tell and tell… They are the children of Yeghipatrush village. 


The children of Mastara village accompany the tourists first to St. John the Baptist Church, and afterwards to the chapel of St. Stepanos Protomartyr. They accompanied our crew too and told stories endlessly…