December 2020

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After the visit and urge of the Catholicos of All Armenians Garegin II on December 1, people who had chosen the method of protest in the Republic Square stopped their hunger strike    
AGBU humanitarian programs during the Second Artsakh War and these days.        
On December 4, His Holiness Karekin II, Supreme Patriarch and Catholicos of All Armenians; received a group of French-Armenian doctors providing humanitarian and medical assistance in Armenia and Artsakh.    
The restoration architect of the Mother Cathedral and the clergy urge tourists not to give wrong information. The wall sculpture on the north bell tower of the Cathedral does not depict Shah Abbas of Persia, but the benefactor of the church Anton Saroyan.  
The Mother See Matenadaran received another donation. The 250 books bear the stamp of Aram Sokhakyan's personal library. These are selected Armenological professional publications.    
Dr. Harutyun Ghazaryan held a seminar entitled "Psycho-physical Illnesses".  He has just returned from the Artsakh front.  We met Harutyun Ghazaryan at the Holy Trinity Church in Yerevan.    
The Catholicos of All Armenians conveys a message 08.12.2020
[field_telecast_image] [title, body, field_start_time, field_lrahos_date] Frescoes painters of the Mother Cathedral of the Mother See on the Artsakh frontline Young specialists restoring the frescoes of the Etchmiadzin Cathedral also took part in the last Artsakh war. One of them, art critic Avetis Avetisyan, died.
In the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin, the Catholicos of All Armenians, received Archbishop Pargev Martirosyan. The Primate of the Artsakh Diocese left for the United States for heart surgery.      
On the commemoration day of the Pontiff St. James of Nisibis, Divine Liturgy was celebrated in the in the St. Hakob church of Ararat village.
Since 2018, Avetis Avetisyan has been involved in the restoration works of the Holy Etchmiadzin Cathedral. The discoveries and explanations continue to amaze the young art critic.    
On December 11, with the support of the International Scientific-Educational Center and Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin a conference dedicated to the 900th anniversary of Mkhitar Gosh was launched at the Matenadaran.    
The Social Service Department of the Mother See continues to care for the needs of hundreds of Artsakh families who have temporarily taken refuge in the diocesan structures of the church.
On December 12, the commemoration of Pontiff St. James of Nisibis, the relics of the Saint will be taken out from the Mother  See.  
Young Armenians from all over the  world present their local churches through videos.    
Accompanied by Deacon Manvel Sargsya, a group of Artsakh families who were forced to leave their homes and took refuge in Armenia attended the Sunday Divine Liturgy in the Holy Mother of God Church in Kanaker.    
A few hours after the Azerbaijani aggression, the specialists of the "Izmirlian Medical Center" left for the front in different groups to fulfill their mission. There is bitterness in the hearts of the doctors - the outcome of the war, human and territorial losses.    
Archbishop Khazhak Parsamyan, Chairman of the "Let's Support Artsakh" Program Coordinating Committee, presents the mission of the program launched at the Mother See.      
Lilit Simonyan, Director of the Yeghegnut State Kindergarten of Karvachar, cannot remember her native Dadivank, Yeghegnut, children and the kindergarten without getting excited.
On the initiative of the Catholicos of All Armenians, the "Let's Support Artsakh" program will operate in the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin. The committee includes representatives from the Dioceses of the Armenian Church all over the world.        
We are in Mrgavan, in one of the churches dedicated to St. Hakob in the Ararat region.    
The delicious dishes and handmade symbols of Artsakh are presented for exhibition-sale-out in the Sharambeyan Museum of Folk Arts. The initiators are the management of the museum and the Yeretsgin (priest's wife) of the Dadivank priest.    
During the 44-day war period, the spiritual servants of the Armenian Church were among the soldiers and commanders. We had a talk with Rev. Fr. Enovk Esayan      
Manya is one of the pediatric resuscitators of the "Holy Mother of God" Medical Center. During the hard days of the war, she was on the frontline, in the "White Regiment".      
The Foundation for the "Preservation of Wildlife and Cultural Assets" will plant 50,000 trees in Artsakh to offset the environmental damage caused by the war.  
The Holy Mother of God Church in Verin Artashat village in the Ararat region, was built in the 19th century and had no bell tower. The cross and bell of the newly built bell tower was installed today.      
On December 20, under the presidency of His Holiness Karekin II, following the Divine Liturgy, a requiem service will be offered in all Armenian churches for the brave soldiers killed during the Artsakh war.    
On December 19, the Feast of Saint Abgar the Witness and the First Christian King, at 9:00 am a Divine Liturgy will be offered in the St. Trdat Chapel of St. Gregory the Illuminator Mother Church    
The "Armenian Churches" postcard drawn by artist, painter Levon Lachikyan can be a good guide for many.  
Early in the morning of December 20, the Catholicos of All Armenians Garegin II visited the Yerablur Military Pantheon accompanied by the Episcopal class. The priests prayed for the peace and tranquility of the souls of the fallen boys.    
On December 20, in the St. Gayane monastery, His Holiness attended the Divine Liturgy, following which a requiem service was offered for the memory of the killed soldiers.  
The Mother See has launched the "Support To Arstakh" program. The American-Armenian benefactors- Robert Poghosyan and Claris Gharabekyan, of the commission are in Armenia.  
Rafael Israelyan combined the two different elements- stone and water, to create a new genre - fountains. The new exhibition opened at the Tamanyan Museum of Architecture is addressed to this topic.    
"Teletrip" is a children's fairy tale book. Lilit Hakobyan and her daughters Elsa and Maya know the secret of how the fairy tales are born.   
On December 25, in the Holy Mother of God Church in Yerevan, a requiem service was offered for the victims in Artsakh.  Attendin were families who moved to Armenia from Hadrut during the war.      
His Grace Bishop Hovnan Hakobyan, completing his service as the Grand Sacristan of the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin, was appointed  as the Primate of the Diocese of Gugark.  
As every year, this year also the AGBU prepared Christmas packages for Syrian-Armenian children.
As part of the recent crackdown on the Armenian Church, the Mother See has received letters of support and concern from various individuals, and calls for the protection of the National Church in connection with the cyber-threats of violence on December 27.  The Mother See of Holy...
The last Divine Liturgy of this year is in the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin was crowded. Internet threats of violence and the provocative statements raised a wave of support for the Patriarch and  National Church. On December 27, many faithful gathered  in the courtyard of St. Gayane...
On December 27, a Divine Liturgy and wedding ceremony was offered in Dadivank.      
On December 28, the 40-day requiem service of the late Archbishop Sepuh Chuljyan was held in the church yard of the Diocese of Gugark.  
The sale-out exhibition entitled "Artsakh products" was held in the "Aram Khachaturian" concert hall.      
The first stage of the "Support to Artsakh" food program was also implemented in the Diocese of Gugark.  
Patriarch of All Armenians welcomed the deacons under the singing of hymn of St. Stephen the Protomartyr.      
Food packages were distributed to 100 families in Masis, 50 of them from Artsakh, through the assistance of the Ararat Region Care Inspectorate.  
The Artsakh Support Committee operating at the Mother See, provided food packages to the poeple of Artsakh sheltered in Armavir and the Aragatsotn region.        
The Youth Center in Nork sponsored by the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin and the AGBU, together with French friends decided to give New Year gifts to the children of Artsakh.    
Rev. Fr. Derenik Sahakyan, Primate of the Armenian Diocese of Egypt visited Artsakh, during which he was at the military units, communities and schools and conveyed the care and material support of the diocese to our compatriots.        
Cross-stones were installed in Sis Community in memory of the Armenians killed in the Artsakh war.        
The "100 Doors" photo exhibition opened at the Union of Artists starts with the door of St. Vardanants Martyrs Church in Erablur Pantheon, afterwards there come the doors of churches in different settlements of Artsakh, RA regions and Western Armenia.      
In the 18th century, the Gospel was translated into Persian and written in Armenian. There are two such manuscripts in the Mashtots Matenadaran.          
28 years ago, on December 30, Lusine Zakaryan, a unique performer of Armenian spiritual songs, entered her eternal rest. A memorial service was organized at the singer's house-museum.    
The members of the "Nubar" club of the Armenian community of Egypt have decided to take care of the accommodation expenses of the people of Artsakh living in the Tsakhkadzor camp belonging to Holy Etchmiadzin.  
On December 30, under the prsidency of His Grace Bishop Mushegh Babayan, the cross on the eastern dome of the Mother Cathedral was consecrated and installed. The installation of the cross had a symbolic meaning at the end of the year.    
On December 29, His Grace Bishop Vertanes Abrahamyan, Head Chaplain of the Republic of Armenia Armed Forces Ministry, consecrated the newly built chapel of the Military Unit of the Rear Department.      
84 medical workers of the “Izmirlian Medical Center” were awarded with encouraging certificates and awards for their dedication to the two great disasters of 2020.      
On December 31, His Holiness Karekin II visited the families of Hadrut sheltered in Tsakhkadzor, to the wounded being treated at the "Izmirlian" Medical Center and the soldiers on duty.