May 2021

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On May 2, the Armenian Patriarchate of Jerusalem celebrated the Feast of the Holy Resurrection of the Lord according to the old Gregorian calendar.
Intra-Temple pilgrimages have become a tradition in the Masyatsotn Diocese. On the pilgrimage day of each church of the diocese, the whole diocese attends the ceremonies. The 21st anniversary of the consecration of the Holy Resurrection Church in the Nerkin Dvin community was celebrated the same...
The relic of the Holy Cross is traditionally brought to Aparan from the treasury of the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin on the Feast of the Apparition of the Holy Cross, which is celebrated 28 days after Holy Easter. The Holy Cross Church is always crowded, especially on the Feast of the...
Commander of the military unit, Colonel Armen Barkhudaryan entrusted Grigor Barsamyan, who was volunteered as a doctor, the ceremony of awarding the "Combat Service" medal of Arsen Gyulzadyan, who died in the defense battles of Shushi. Comrade friends, diligent pastor of Dilijan, Rev. Fr....
The auditorium No. 407 of the YSU Faculty of Journalism will henceforth be named after Vachagan Manukyan, Vyacheslav Badalyan, Ashot Khachatryan and Norayr Marutyan, who died in the first Artsakh war. They are students of this faculty.
The "Narek" Dance Ensemble of the Nork Youth Center staged a dance performance about the 44-day war in Artsakh and the post-war reality.
There are about 2000 Armenian historical and cultural monuments in the occupied territories, which are the target of Azerbaijan's barbaric policy. The Mother See warns that the Azerbaijani authorities, in particular President Ilham Aliyev, continue to pursue a policy of spreading fraud, ignoring...
The city of Ijevan will have a new church next to the two functioning churches- St. Nerses Shnorhali and the the Holy Savior church. The foundations of the church were consecrated on April 7, 2021, the construction is in progress.
On May 6, within the framework of the Artsakh Assistance Program, 50 families were invited to the Mother See to receive financial assistance.
On May 9, the Brotherhood of the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin visited the "Victory" park. In the St. Gayane Monastery, the Brotherhood  atthended the Dibine Liturgy. The celebrant was Rev. Fr. Archimandrite Mesrop Parsamyan.
Message of His Holiness Karekin II on the occasion of May 9.
Overcoming obstacles, Father Athanas was able to reach his place of service after the consecration.  Despite the uncertain status, in fact the blockade, six priests are serving in Dadivank under the direction of His Holiness.
To mark the 15th anniversary of the "Ongoing Medical Education" program, the Armenian Relief Fund of the Eastern Diocese of the Armenian Church of North America brought together doctors and healthcare providers.
On May 8, about 7 dozen pilgrims from almost all regions of Armenia, mostly from the families of captives, missing and killed servicemen, walked to Holy Mother of God Church in the village of Yeghipatrush, Aparan community.
On the occasion of the May victories, without breaking the tradition, a large number of Vanadzor residents visited the khachkar dedicated to the liberation of Shushi, located in the yard of the church in the Gugark Diocese.
Thursday, May 13, is the Feast of the Ascension, which our church celebrates 40 days after Easter.  This day also commemorates the return of the Catholicosate of All Armenians from Sis to the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin. That day is also the Tsaghkevank pilgrimage day on the slopes of...
On the Feast of the Ascension, Rev. Fr. Zaven Yazichyan, spiritual pastor of the Karmir village of Kvemo Kartli and Shahumyan village offered a Divine Liturgy in the Holy Etchmiadzin church in Tbilisi. 
The Armenian Church has declared the re-establishment of the Pontifical See in Holy Etchmiadzin as a national feast. Every year on the Feast of the Ascension, following the liturgy, a Special Prayer Service is held in all Armenian churches.
The Feast of Ascension begins with the Lord's Prayer, like each day at school. Father Zakaria blesses the participants. All the students of the Eurnekyan school are involved in the folk and ecclesiastical feast.      
Every year, 40 days after the Feast of the Resurrection, the Armenian Apostolic Church celebrates the Feast of the Ascension of Christ.  This year it was on May 13. A festive liturgy was served in all the churches. The Brotherhood of the Mother See attended the liturgy in St. Gayane...
The road to Tsaghkevank has no shortage of pilgrims. The pilgrimage day of Tsaghkevank is especially crowded.
Rev. Fr. Archimandrite Aristakes Ayvazyan was appointed the Abbot of St. Karapet church in Ararat region 11 months ago. The monastery did not have  a clergy for 80 years. Through the efforts of the Primate of the Diocese, His Grace Bishop Gevork Saroyan, improvement works were carried out. A...
In the St. John the Evangelist Church in Artashat, the residents of the city attended a Liturgy in the morning, then attended the Morning Service and the celebration of the Feast of the Ascension.
According to preliminary forecasts, in 2022, the restoration works of the Etchmiadzin Cathedral which have been ongoing for about ten years will be completed. The Cathedral will not need renovation for the next hundred years.
The Primate of the Artsakh Diocese, His Grace Bishop Vrtanes Abrahamyan, first consecrated the cross-stone (khachkar) erected in memory of the 15 doctors of the Yerevan garrison hospital who died during the 44-day Artsakh war. Then, the newly built St. Grigor Narekatsi Church.
On the Feast of the Ascension, the students of the "Gulameryan" Youth Center and the "St. Mariane" Social Center caused an active stir in the narrow streets of Ashtarak.
The two bells of the temple and crosses of the dome and bell-tower were removed from the Holy Savior Church of Old Taghlar in the Hadrut region. They are now located in the St. Hakob Church in Ararat.
His Grace Bishop Serovbe Isakhanyan, Primate of the Armenian Diocese of Germany was in Stepanakert. The two Ambulances donated by the Diocese arrived in Artsakh.
Rev. Fr. Archimandrite Barsegh Pilavchyan, Spiritual Pastor of the Armenian communities of the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary, visited the Dioceses of Tavush, Masyatsotn, Gugark and Syunik. The Pastor donated the money raised by the community to 40 families with severe injuries or disabled...
The Publishing House of the Mother See has published the study of "Episodes of the History of the Armenian Church" by Very Rev. Fr. Yeghishe Sargsyan. The book is dedicated to the transfer of the Patriarchal See from Sis to Vagharshapat.
For several months now, the volunteers of the "Treasures" Youth Union of St. Anna and Katoghike Holy Mother of God churches of the Araratian Patriarchal Diocese have been regularly visiting and supporting families displaced from Artsakh. The initiative was called "Acts of Love".
"Not being from Tavush, he became Tavush's spiritual pastor, soldier and servant." This is how the Primate of the Tavush Diocese, Bishop Bagrat Galstanyan, is described.
The Armenian Relief Fund of the Armenian Apostolic Church provided grants to 28 scientific groups. They will conduct research in biology, biotechnology, chemistry, physics, astronomy, agriculture, archeology, history, medicine and in other areas. 
On the extended day of the International Museum Day, the "Ruben Sevak" Museum and the "Alex and Marie Manoogian" Treasury were working in the Mother See.
The St. John the Baptist Armenian Church in Ozasco plays a big role in the life of Brazilian-Armenians, which is known for its miraculous power. Next year is a jubilee year for the church.   
The publishing department of the Mother See has published a new study by historian Vrezh Vardanyan on Catholicoses Gregory the Illuminator and Sahak Partev.
On Sunday, May 23, our church will celebrate the Feast of Pentecost. It is the commemoration of the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the Apostles. The day is also the pilgrimage day of the St. Arakelots Church in Sevan, where the relics of the Apostles are taken to the church. 
According to the calendar of the Armenian Apostolic Church, the Feast of Pentecost, which announces the presence of the Holy Spirit on earth, was celebrated on May 23 this year. 
The Day of Pentecost is also the day of the pilgrimage of the Holy Apostles Monastery in Sevan. During the festive Liturgy, the relics of the apostles were brought from Etchmiadzin to the Holy Apostles' Monastery.
In the first half of May, Catholicos of All Armenians Garegin II visited the United States. Primate of the Diocese of the Armenian Apostolic Church in Canada, His Grace Bishop Abgar Hovakimyan participated in the Governing Body of the Canadian Council of Churches. About 200 Jews visited the...
On the Feast of Pentecost, under the presidency the Primate of the Diocese of Gugark, His Grace Bishop Hovnan Hakobyan, the cross of Haghpatavank bell-tower was consecrated and placed. For security reasons, the damaged old cross was taken out a year ago. 
During the renovation of the Holy Etchmiadzin Cathedral, about 25 percent of the frescoes were removed; needed restoration the fresco itself,  or the part of the temple where it was located. The frescoes are being re-installed.
Swiss-Armenian philanthropist Vahe Gabrash donated a 300-year-old delicate cross to the Catholicos of All Armenians, which he bought at an art auction. The cross replenished the exhibition of the "Alex and Marie Manoogian" treasury of the Mother See.
Doctors are sent to Artsakh from Yerevan in cooperation with the Armenian Relief Fund of the Armenian Diocese of US and the Artsakh Ministry of Health.
The Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin expresses its concern over the blockade and capture of six servicemen of the Armed Forces of RA by the servicemen of armed forces of Azerbaijan, on the morning of May 27, in the bordering area of Gegharkunik region, in the guarding sector of N military unit of...
During the heroic battles of Sardarapat, Bash Aparan and Gharakilisa, clergymen fought alongside the soldiers and servicemen. The role of the Catholicos Gevork V Surenyants, was great in the victorious end of the May 1918 heroic battle.
The Armenian Patriarch prays for the independent Armenian country.
The Ararat Week, full of national ecclesiastical feasts, symbolizes the great conversion of the Armenians.
The clergymen reflect on their mission in the post-war situation.
290 students and graduates of the Khachatur Abovyan Pedagogical University participated in the 44-day Artsakh war. 35 of them died. On May 26, the khachkar immortalizing the memory of the martyrs was consecrated.
The first historiographical-artistic work of Vahram Vardanyan, Candidate of Technical Sciences, is the book "Spiritual Screams in Silence". The presentation took place in the St. Mesrop Mashtots School in Oshakan.     
On May 30, the Vardaton dedicated to Sayat Nova started from the house No. 18 on Amaghleba Street. The march from Hovhannes Tumanyan's apartment reached to St. Gevork, reminding the residents of Tbilisi of the memory of Sayat-Nova, a singer of friendship of people born in this city.    
On Monday of the “Araratian Week” the Armenian Apostolic Church commemorates Feast of Saint Hripsime and her Companions. Every year On the occasion of the feast, the reliquary of the Saint's Right Hand was taken from the Alex and Marie Manoogian Treasury House Museum of the Mother See of Holy...
In 1947, while moving from Beirut to Armenia, the Tonapetyan family brought a hand-made cross from the 18th-19th centuries. Khachatur Tonapetyan's grandfather was a bell-ringer in the church. The family donated the cross to the treasury of the Mother See.    
The AGBU is organizing a summer camp for children aged 7-13 whose parents participated in the 44-day Artsakh war.