Charlie Chaplin

"Life is not a meaning, but a wish". What does it take to achieve this seemingly simple truth? less than a Chaplinian biography.
Charles Spenser Chaplin: life and art of the biggest master of films featured in the series "Encyclopedia".

William Saroyan

"Starting is always difficult, as it is not easy to choose from the store of language that one lucid word which should live forever".
William Saroyan.

Van Gogh

He was convinced that the most genuine way to know God was to love everything around us. All what his heart and thoughts were filled with, turned into a painting. He was dreaming… painting what he dreamt.

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

He managed to get on board of the plane in 12. The unsuccessful pilot was Saint-Ex - Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. Later on he wrote: “Looking down the airplane, I dreamt only about writing”. In 1944, Antoine’s military airplane took off as usual. The alarm his friends felt was not without reason…
At present, the airport of Lyon, one of the mountain peaks in Patagonia and a main-belt asteroid 2578 are all named in honor of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.


Salvador Dali

He was against mechanics, spinach, Sun, Rembrandt, ghosts and mountains, and he was for complications, snails, Vermeer, religion and himself. “When I was six, I wanted to become a cook, in seven I wanted to become Napoleon. There are two critical things that can happen in the life of a painter of today – to be Spanish and bear the name Salvador Dali”, - this is what the author of melting clocks and burning giraffes wrote about himself.

Leonid Yengibarov

Leonid Yengibaryan had very short life, and even shorter was his creative life. He knew, that he’s going to live exactly as long as his idols did – Van Gogh and Pushkin. But he wasn’t in haste of dying, the king of clowns loved the life…


Alexander Mantashev

April, 2011. Countless Armenians flocking in every station of the train departing from Peterburg to Tiflis. This disarray was unusual even for the train stations. People came to cover with wreaths the shrine of the most outstanding Armenian philanthropist of all times - Alexander Mantashev, who was going to find his last haven in his hometown…


Sergei Parajanov

Three major movie theatres of Paris were showing his films only for two months non-stop. The cinema halls were full from early morning till late night. Even the most scrupulous critics would shed words of marvel in the press. The name of the emerging film director’s name – Sergei Parajanov, was heard everywhere - in the streets, cafés, hotels…


Albert Einstein

The life of Albert Einstein was full of tragic events. The last stroke was the day, when Einstein heard about the American pilots’ atomic bombing of Japan. It was terrible to realize that his own inventions addressed at the development of science were used against the humanity…

Richard Bach

Early 1970-ies, America… A young man - ragged, unshaven, with all his belongings in a tiny bag, was standing in the telephone booth. The lovely female voice calls over – your account makes four million three hundred dollar. The lucky one was called Richard Bach. He sent his lyrical tale to one of the publishing houses of New York and never thought it would shake the whole city of New York...

Artem Mikoyan

Artem Mikoyan, Academician of USSR Academy of Science, colonel general, twice Hero of Socialist Labor, numerous prize winner, is the aircraft designer of MiG jet fighters. Briefly about most important pieces of his life and career.

Sergey Mergelyan

“Mergelyan Institute” is known to everyone in Yerevan, however, the biography of one of its founders – Sergey Mergelyan, is practically unknown to the wider public. In 20, the Armenian mathematician became the youngest Doctor of Science in Mathematics in the USSR. In 21, he won the most honorable prize – the prize of Stalin. Then, as young as in 28, he became the youngest corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences in the USSR.