The news coverage “Ecclesiastical Life” features Armenian Apostolic Churchactivities in the spheres of education, cultur, public, health and others. It also addresses Church Feasts, tells about public structures, youth movements, activities of District Youth Centers functioning adjacent to Dioceses. It also presents the ministry in the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin, the life of an Armenian believer in congregation both in Armenia, as well as in foreign Dioceses.
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Ecclesiastical life 28.01.2019 27th anniversary of the Armenian Army

On January 28, Karekin II Catholicos of All Armenians visited Yerablur together with the President of Armenia Armen Sargsyan, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, President of the Republic of Artsakh Bako Sahakyan, Chairman of the RA NA Ararat Mirzoyan and the clergy of the Mother See, Earler that day, Karekin II Catholicos of All Armenians delivered a message on the occasion of the Day of Armenian Army, 
On January 27, in the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin, St. Vartan and St. Hovhannes Chapel, A Divine Liturgy was offered on the occasion of the 27th anniversary of the Army Day. The celebrant was the Chaplain of the RA Armed Forces Bishop Vrtanes Abrahamyan. From this point on, based on the blessing of Catholicos of All Armenians and the Minister of Defense of Armenia, the military officers will bear the medal  “Cross of King Ashot Yerkat (the Iron)” on their uniforms. After the Liturgy, an award ceremony was held in the ceremony hall of Gevorkian Seminary. 
Chaplains of the 27 year old Army of Armenia.  


Ecclesiastical life 25.01.2019

On January 25, the newly elected Chairman of NA Ararat Mirzoyan was received by Catholicos of All Armenians Karekin II at the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin. 
The Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Uruguay in Armenia Carlos Sgarbi Von Steinmann had a meeting with Karekin II Catholicos of All Armenians. 
On January 25, the Major General of the RA Armed Forces, Artsakh hero Arkadi Ter-Tadevosyan, General Lieutenant Muraz Sargsyan and reserve Colonel Garegin Gasparyan were hosted at Eurnekian Public School. 
Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin republished the contemporary Armenian translation of “The Book of Lamentations” of Narekatsi translated by writer, publicist, editor and publisher Misak Koçunyan.
The final stage of Spiritual Mind Quiz was finalized at the public school of Aralez village in Ararat Marz.
International news: the delegation of Catholic bishops in Israel blames the authorities of the countries in discriminating the Christians. 
The Supreme Court of Pakistan has confirmed the Church marriages of Christians to be legal. 
The Copts of Egypt are collecting signatures as a sign of tribute to the memory of the policeman deceased on the eve of Christmas in trying to demine the explosive placed on the roof of the Coptic Christian Church. 


Ecclesiastical life 21.01.2019

Water blessing Ceremony at A. Khamperyants Military Aviation University. 
Episcopal Liturgy at Calcutta's Holy Nazareth Church. 
On January 18, the Armenian priesthood of Jerusalem celebrated the Feast of Holy Nativity in Bethlehem according to the old Armenian calendar.
 To mark the 100th anniversary of Silva Kaputikyan, the students of Eurnekian School of the Mother See organized a celebration event.
International news: Pope Francis of Rome has suppressed the Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei, which was established by Pope St. John Paul I, and changed the status of Sistine Chapel Choir. 
Over the last one month, four Christian communities in different cities of Egypt have been attacked by Islamic extremists. 
An Armenian Sunday School was opened in Sydney. 
A Home blessing ceremony was offered at the Armenian Embassy in Ottawa. 


Ecclesiastical life 11.01.2019

To mark the Feast of Holy Nativity, Karekin II Catholicos of All Armenians had a meeting with the staff of the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin. His Holiness offered his blessings and congratulations to the staff of the Mother See. 
On January 10, by the initiative and request of YSU students the Dean of the Department of Theology Bishop Anushavan Zhamkochyan offered a Home blessing ceremony in the building of the University. 
A Home blessing ceremony of Christmas was offered at Izmirlian Medical Center. 
The calendar-album 2019 published by the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin is on the subject of Komitas Vardabet.
The Theatrical troupe of “UNIMA -Armenia” organization and Very Rev. Fr. Zakaria Baghumyan, the Director of Christian Education Center of the Mother See visited “Trchunian Tun”, which is operating under the auspices of the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin. 
During the eight-day period of Holy Nativity, Father Vrtanes Baghalyan - the pastor of Odzun, offered a Water blessing ceremony in Srbanes Monastery of Ardvi and St. Nshan Church of Horomayr.


Ecclesiastical life 14.01.2019

Karekin II Catholicos of All Armenians attended the first session of the newly elected Parliament and by his Pontifical blessings and guarding prayer wished a fruitful operations to the deputies.  
On January 13, the Armenian Apostolic Church celebrates the Feast of Holy Nativity - the birth and baptism of Jesus Christ. 
On January 12 Sevan Vaskenian Seminary held the traditional ceremony of Kaghandchek - the feast of New Year gifts. 
Christmas ceremonies in the Armenian community of Calcutta. 
The students of Armenian Church Youth Centers, which are operating under the auspices of the Mother See and Armenian General Benevolent Union finalized the events of the New Year and Christmas with a joint concert.
International news: The number of Christians in Israel has been added up due to the immigrants currently counting nearly 175000 Christians in the country. 
On January 6, on the eve of Coptic Christmas, the largest Christian Church of the Near East was consecrated in Egypt. 
In 2019, the 450th anniversary of the advent of the first Jesuits in the country will be celebrated in Lithuania.
The service of “proxy prayers” has become common in Jerusalem offered to those who can’t afford to visit the Holy Land. 


Ecclesiastical life 18.01.2019

On January 17, Karekin II Catholicos of All Armenians received Shombi Sharp, UN Resident Coordinator in Armenia and the representatives of other UN specialized agencies and program.
The frescoes of the walls of the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin continue to undergo research and restoration. The specialists believer that over the course of renovation more frescoes will be discovered.
13th exhibition of “Creating Hands” was opened in Gevorkian Seminary. The paintings of young painters Shushan Gevorgyan and Diana Harutyunyan can be viewed by January 27.
By the initiative of Dialog NGO, a discussion on “Totalitarian Art and Its Manifestations in Religious Organizations” was held in Ararat Patriarchal Diocese.
International news: On January 16, on the occasion of New Year and Christmas, the newly-elected Mayor of Jerusalem has visited the Armenian Prelacy in Jerusalem. 
The postal service of the United States prohibited post-cards with religious content. The lawyers prepare a law-suit against the USPS.
The bodies of 34 Ethiopian Christians executed in Libya by Islamic State (IS) in 2015 have been exhumed from a mass grave to be transferred to Ethiopia.
The authorities of Bethlehem plan to establish a visitor application system designed for pilgrims and tourists. The visitors spend extensive hours in queues to enter the Church of the Lord. 


Ecclesiastical life 05.01.2019 Christmas Candlelight

On January 5,  the Candlelight Divine Liturgy was offered by the presidency of Karekin II Catholicos of All Armenians in Etchmiadzin St. Gayane Monastery. 
The Candlelight Divine Liturgy was followed by the first Home blessing ceremony of the year, which was held at the Residence of Catholicos.  
The Candlelight Divine Liturgy in St. Grigor Lusavorich Cathedral of Yerevan was offered by Bishop Arshak Khachatryan. 
The Divine Liturgy in St. Sarkis Church of Ararat Patriarchal Diocese was offered by Father Shahe Hayrapetyan. The Candlelight Liturgy was followed by a Home blessing ceremony. 


Ecclesiastic life 01.02.2019

On January 30, by the invitation of the Primate of the Armenian Diocese of Australia and New Zealand and Diocese Council, Karekin II Catholicos of All Armenians paid a Pontifical visit to Australia.
On the 150th anniversary of Komitas Vardabet, the Liturgy (Patarag) of Vardabet will be broadcast performed by the Latvian Radio Choir.   On this occasion, the Chief Conductor of the Choir Sigvards Kļava paid a three day visit to Armenia.
To mark the 27th anniversary of the Armenian Army, the APD had initiated the program “Warm Socks for the Armenian Soldiers”. All communities of Ararat Marz gathered nearly 10.000 pairs of socks. 
The monograph of Vahe Torosyan, Candidate of Historical Sciences and scientific secretary of Matenadaran, titled "Armenian Catholicos’ Reign from mid XI century to the beginning of the XII century" was published.
Diocesan News: Last week, the representative of the Armenian Diocese in Montreal, Canada, attended an inter-church ecumenical ceremony. The Choir “Komitas” from St. Grigor Lusavorich Cathedral performed at the event. 
The Armenian Diocese of Georgia also took part in the ecumenical prayer in Holy Mother of God Transfiguration Catholic Church of Tbilisi. The delegation of Christian Women’s Ecumenical Conference of Armenia was also present at the event.


2019 declared Year of Family

On January 6, on the Feast of Holy Nativity and Theophany, Karekin II Catholicos of All Armenians delivered his patriarchal message to the Christian believers and declared 2019 as the Year of Family.


Ecclesiastical life 24.11.2017

Armenian Apostolic Church is one of the largest contributors of Hayastan All-Armenian Fund. 
On November 22, Fund for Armenia Relief of the Eastern Diocese of the Armenian Church in the USA celebrated its 20th anniversary,
The school of Armash village was renamed after Archbishop Maghakia Ormanyan. 
The proceeds from individual exhibition of Ono Hakobyan will be directed to the rehabilitative treatment of disabled military officers. 
On December 2, the Armenian Apostolic Church will celebrate the memory of founding Apostles Thaddeus and Bartholomew.


Ecclesiastical life 29.06.2018

By the initiative of UNESCO, a training course on the maintenance and reconstruction of manuscripts and archival documents has been launched in Mashtots Matenadaran, with the attendance of eight Syrian experts.
The training is implemented within the framework of the "Syrian Cultural Heritage Immediate Protection” program.
In September, New York's Metropolitan Museum will host sacred souvenirs, historical and cultural values of IV to XVIII centuries - fabrics, manuscripts, church supplies and relics preserved in the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin.
On June 29, at Gevorkyan Theological Seminary, the graduation ceremony was held. This year, the seminary has 27 graduates. 
The presentation of Father Tovma Andreasyan's book “Mykop Diary” was held at the Writers' Union. 
International News: The Smithsonian Folklife Festival has been launched in Washington's Falklough Festival, which is dedicated to Armenia and Catalonia this year. On June 28, the Duke of Cambridge, Prince William of England, visited the Holy Land. In the Lord's Resurrection Cathedral, the Prince was met by the spiritual leaders of the three churches.
On June 28, Pope Francis ordained 14 Cardinals at St. Peter's Cathedral in Rome. The Dutch Senate has approved the draft bill banning niqab in public places. now in the country it is forbidden to wear burqa, hijab or other clothes that cover the face.
The law breakers will be fined 400 Euros.
On June 27, Noyan Tapan Media Center organized a press conference where the members of "New Armenia, New Patriarch" initiative - Karen Petrosyan, Father Koryun Arakelyan, Manvel Manukyan and Artak Alaverdyan participated in the event. The press conference failed, for which the speakers blamed the journalists.


Ecclesiastical life 28.05.2018

On May 28, by the presidency of the Catholicos of All Armenians, in the open altar Trdat, a thanksgiving wish was delivered for the May heroic battles and the 100th anniversary of the First Republic of Armenia. The Armenian spiritual leader prayed with bent knees and open headed beseeching the Lord’s beneficence for Armenia.
On May 28, the event called “Century of Victory” was held in Sardarapat Memorial. The Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, the President Armen Sargsyan, the President of Artsakh Bako Sahakyan and Catholicos of All Armenians Karekin II placed wraths on  Sardarapat Memorial followed by the prayer of the Patriarch. After the military march and festive concert, His Holiness finalized the ceremony with his blessing of believers. 
This year, on January 28 the Armenian Apostolic Church celebrated the Feast of Sts. Hripsime and Gayane. The relic of St. Hripsime was taken to St. Hripsime Monastery from the Mother See. This year, the Church bearing the name of St. Hripsime marks 1400th anniversary of its construction.
There are many foreign citizens and Diaspora Armenians in our country these days arriving to Armenia to participate in the  festivities of the 100th anniversary of the First Republic of Armenia and heroic battles of Sardaratat. The Patriarch of All Armenians Karekin II received the group headed be Father Hovel Ohanyan,  the pastor of Oakland, US. Most of the pilgrims were in Armenia for the first time. Afterwards the Supreme Patriarch received  the Argentinian Armenian pilgrims accompanied by Rev. Fr. Maghakia Amiryan. 
On May 25, in the Mother See of Holy  Etchmiadzin, the Minister of Culture Lilit Makunts was received by Catholicos of All Armenians. The Armenian Patriarch congratulated the Minister on her appointment wishing her effective service for the benefit of the homeland and the development of the cultural life of Armenian nation.
The Publishing House of the Mother See published “Soldier Priests” and “Powerful Saints” to mark the 100th anniversary of May heroic battles and the First Republic. The author of both theses is scientific researcher of Matenadaran Lusine Tumanyan.
On May 22, at the Eternal Valley Memorial Park in Newhall, a monument dedicated to the 100th Anniversary of the First Republic of Armenia was opened. 
In 1974, the reader received the first book ever on the heroic battle of Sardarapat written by Robert Karayan “The Sun is Beautiful on the Sunset”. The novel was abridged, yet after almost ten years the author managed to publish it fully entitled “Salvation”. The jubilee of May heroic battles are the most convenient occasions to revalue the bravery of the author.