Yerevan Dancing Art State College

Yerevan Dancing Art State College, which has over century old history, is the only professional school of classical and folk dance in Armenia. It's considered to be the smithery of the National Opera and Ballet Theater of A. Spendiaryan. Our camera has toured around the college's rehearsal rooms. 

Nemra Rock Band

The idea to get together as a rock band was Van’s and Vaspur’s. Later they were joined by Marek and Marianna. They tell the rest of the story. 

Vordan Karmir Rock Band

Vordan karmir - the crimson carmine (Armenian cochineal) used in the 100 years old carpets of Karabakh grandma’s dowry turned into the title of a Vanadzor-based rock band. Founded in 2004, the band "Vordan Karmir" is functioning and creating in its native town Vanadzor, with concerts both in Yerevan and beyond. Our crew was hosted in the rehearsal room renovated and fitted personally by the boys of "Vordan Karmir" rock band. 

“Miqayel Voskanyan and Friends”

"Miqayel Voskanyan and Friends" ethno jazz band created in 2011 is one of the most inimitable musical groups. Their set list includes adaptations of famous pieces as well as original compositions. Tar is the solo instrument in the band. Their music mixes elements of jazz, Armenian folk music, rock and fusion. Our camera is in the rehearsal room of "Miqayel Voskanyan and Friends" band.

Tiezerk Band

The girls of Tiezerk Band dream about big flakes of snow on the New Year night. They speak about their compositions and summarize the year in the rehearsal room.

Armenian Center of International Union of Puppeteers (UNIMA)

Developed during the period of independence, the Armenian Center of International Union of Puppeteers (UNIMA - Armenia) has made significant contribution in our theatrical life. Over 25 years, the artists of the Center have established theatrical groups and theatres in Armenia and Artsakh. “Karapet” theatrical group is on the wheels riding to remote villages and cities, entertaining and educating the little ones.

“Goy” Theatre

“Rhinoceros”, “Opera-Opera”, “Six Characters in Search of an Author”: “Goy” theatre, founded in 80s, was able to create an alternative theatre in difficult times. Actors and directors gathered around Armen Mazmanyan were able to stage works that were novelty in theatrical art. Today the Theatre is striving to preserve the fame and colors of the past. 

State Marionette Theatre

“Puppets are also humans, it’s just in the case of marionettes you can see the threads, while in the case of people- you cannot.” Everyone in the theatre of marionettes believe this, and most importantly – the children too. 

Theatre Group “Bridge of Hope”

The theatre group “Bridge of Hope” established 20 years ago is one of its kind. This inclusive group includes children with and without disabilities. It has already seen many generations, however the mission of the group is still the same – to change the way the society treats those with limited abilities and create a platform for self-expression for children with issues. 

Norayr Kartashyan and VAN Project

“The only motive for creating the band was to play pure national music”, - says the artistic director of Van Project Norayr Kartashyan. Owing to Van Project, numerous Armenian melodies were collected, arranged and acquired a new breath. 

Pokr Tatron (Small Theatre)

Unique and modern solutions of classical plays, rich palette of images, multi-genre list of performances. Located on Abovyan Street, Pokr Tatron is special with its esthetics and taste. The actors are former students of Pokr Tatron studio. They are at ease and fascinating…

Hamazgayin (PanArmenian) State Theatre

In 1991, when Armenia was experiencing hardships, Sos Sargsyan founded Hamazgayin Theatre. From 1998-1999 he replenished the theatre with younger people. Sos Sargsyan believed that all troubles could be overcome with the power of art. At present, the theatre established by the renowned actor is functioning smoothly and loyal to the aesthetic and human values of Sos Sargsyan.