Narekatsi Folk Instruments Ensemble

Kanoon, oud, kamancha, saz, santoor, pipe… Almost all Armenian musical instruments in one ensemble. Performances of 16-25 year old young people conveyed new life to these instruments.
Since its establishment five years ago, Narekatsi Folk Instruments Ensemble has presented the Armenian folk music art in various European countries, festivals and contests.
The musicians are much opener and frank in the rehearsal room…


Barekamutyun Ensemble

Since 1987, over five generations have been changed in Barekamutyun (Friendship) Ensemble, yet the dance troupe continues retaining its unique feature and distinguish itself within the Armenian dance art.
Artistic directors and dancers of Barekamutyun Ensemble tell about their everyday hard work and creative interests in the Rehearsal Room.


State Theatre of Musical Comedy after H. Paronyan

State Theatre of Musical Comedy after Paronyan was established in 1942, during the years of the Great World War, so as Avetik Isahakyan said: “To fight with the power of laugh”. The characters embodied by the actors of theatre Izabella and Hayk Danzases, Karp Khachvankyan, Svetlana Grigoryan are unforgettable examples of the “power of laugh”. Now the shift has been assumed by the new generation.

Tagharan Ensemble

Tagharan Ensemble playing santoor, reedpite, harp, oud and performing Armenian and ancient world music, is unique as such in our music art. The Ensemble was founded in 1981. Within the scope of the “Rehearsal room”, the musicians talk about human relationships, plans and goals of the ensemble.


“Paros” Chamber Choir

“Paros” Chamber Choir is unique, in its own way, in the world. The majority of Choir members are people with disabilities. Throughout its 20 years of existence, the Choir has won a number of international awards, participated in an extensive number of festivals. The musicians tell about their path, hardships and dreams in the “Rehearsal room”. Participants:
Raffi Mikaelyan, Artistic Director and Conductor of the Choir

State Youth Orchestra of Armenia

From the onset of its establishement, up to day, the life of State Youth Orchestra of Armenia is one of a wide-range program of concerts, rehearsals and travelling. It is even more interesting when told by the musicians themselves...
During the program, various performances of the orchestra played at different times, can be heard.

Sergey Smbatyan, Artistic Director and Principal Conductor
Anna Andriasova, Orchestra concertmaster
Stepan Khalatyan, concertmaster of second violins of Orchestra
Garnik Yengibaryan, concertmaster of cello players of Orchestra

State Musical Chamber Theatre

The program is about the State Musical Chamber Theatre and its cast. It also presents specific aspects of the theathre, talks about its atmosphere, aspirations and further tasks.


Mimos Marionette Theatre

The program is about a unique type of theatre in Armenia. "Mimos" Marionette Theatre is itinerant. At present, not only the children of Yerevan, but also most part of the children in Marzes know about this theatre which was set up by the efforts of film director Nune Jrbashyan in 1997. However, very few know how the "Mimos" marionettes are created, what is going on inside the theatre...

Told by:
Nune Jrbashyan, Artistic Director of "Mimos" Marionette Theatre
Ruzan Gevorgyan, Karen Khachatryan, Aghasi Melkonyan, actors of the theatre

State Jazz Band of Armenia

The program is on the history, founders and current activity of the Armenian State Jazz Band. The "Rehearsal Room" presents the professional and onstage life of musicians. Who are the band guys in real life and in the life of music? Participants: Armen Hyusnunts, Art Director of State Jazz Band of Armenia Artur Asatryan, Producer of State Jazz Band of Armenia Dmitri Arzumanyan, musician of the Band Davit Melkonyan, musician of the Band