There are many Armenians born far from their Motherland. They came to Armenia – to their home, either due to certain circumstances, or with a special intention to fulfillthe dream of their own or their fathers. Every single program of TV series called “Towards Home” presents one story of homecoming.
Frequency: Every Sunday, at 22:05
Rerun:Tuesday, at 16:20

Aren Apikyan

Aren Apikyan was born in Armenia, then moved to Moscow with his family and started working in legal and banking areas. He always had the wish to come back to Armenia and the invitation from VTB bank didn’t have him wait for too long. At present, Aren works for IDEA Foundation as Cooperation Director of “100 Lives”. He believes that Armenia is the most secure place to raise children. He says that it’s a shame that Armenia doesn’t interest the world, and we have to think how to move forward and face new challenges.


Ani Khalafian

Ani Khalafian feels considerably stronger in Armenia, than in the US, which she left 2 years ago under the program Depi Hayk. “Initially I came for four months, but soon I realized that this is where I want to start a new life”. 
Ani works in the American University of Armenia, she practices reiki – a form of alternative Japanese medicine. “There is a huge energy in Armenia and it helps me go back to my roots, which I partly lost in the US and was more an American. Now this is a very pleasant feeling.”


Iveta Tajaryan

Iveta and Karen are in Armenia since 1995. Iveta is an art critic, Karen–architect, they came to Armenia to study but after the graduation they decided not to return to Iran. The couple is sure that Armenians are best expressed with all their capacities on their own land… 

New Year in Homeland 2015

New Year wishes by the Syrian, Iranian, and Lebanon Armenians. At last the dream of their grandfathers is fulfilled – they celebrate Christmas in their homeland. Everyone agree that Armenia inspires another feeling, strength and faith. 

Nazeh Nazloomian, Arlen Shahverdian

Nazeh moved to Armenia in 2004. After entering the American University of Armenia, she feels fully integrated into the life of Armenia. She is currently working in PICS ART. She and her husband Arlen Shahverdian do not even imagine their lives outside of Armenia. Here they have the feeling of integrity, wholeness, and that’s what really matters. 

Lilly Djaniants

“I always had mixed feelings towards my homeland, but when the flame for having one suddenly sparkled, I forgot my convictions I once believed in about being a citizen of planet, and that it’s not mandatory to have a homeland. I bought a one-way ticket and here I am”. 


Nikol Kuyumjian

Nikol came to Armenia from Aleppo to study, but after the graduation decided to stay in Armenia. “Not everything is good in Armenia, yet there is this magnetic power of the Yerevan on Frunzik, Khachaturian, Parajanov attracting me back. There are times when I get angry and think about leaving Armenia, but I wake up in the morning and the same magnetic power outweighs the scale pan. Perhaps it’s the genetic memory, I am not sure, but I also want to build a new Armenia with my own hands”, - says Nikol. 


Gayane Acus

Gayane Acus didn’t speak Armenian before she was young. “I was told that I am Armenian, yet they spoke Turkish at home and sent me a French school”. After her visit to Armenia, Gayane decided to learn Armenian, and a few years later to move to Armenia on permanent basis. 
She is a journalist, she does translations, and the most important thing for her is to be in Armenia, live like all others, and the pleasure of feeling herself an Armenian. “This is my achievement in Armenia”, - assures Gayane. 



Sofya Khachatryan

Sofya’s family moved to Ufa in 1992. “Our backyard with its memories and blossoming apricot trees didn’t leave me alone. Every year, on summer holidays, I was rushing to Armenia”. After she graduated the University, she was sure that she was going to move to Armenia on permanent basis. Now she works in One Armenia organization as a designer. She created the team game “Otherwise”, and recently she received a casting proposal.
Sofya assures that Armenia made her courageous, free and strong.



Hovhannes Hannesian

After visiting Armenia from Argentine for several times, Hovhannes Hannesian determines to gather his belongings and permanently move to his homeland. “I didn’t know anybody, I didn’t know what was I going to do, yet I knew that I’d never be back”. 
Hovhannes first established a production of pilotless equipment “Drone”, and later on – a special organization to fight migration. “Both of my initiatives turned out to be successful, so I am not in a rush. Armenia received me with open arms, and I respond likewise”. 



Michael Ohlin

Half-Swedish, half-Filipino Michael Ohlin met his future wife, Christina, in Tsakhkadzor. The couple decided to settle down in Sweden. However, a year later they returned Armenia...


George Balian-Akar

George Balian moved to Armenian from Latakia, before the start of war. He didn’t like living in a foreign country. Presently he is the director of Melrose Club in Yerevan. He says that Armenia is not a place to get rich. Armenia is a place where you can get peace and find your identity. “The Diasporan Armenians should realize that Armenia is not only the Northern Avenue or Garni and Geghard, Armenia is the people”.