How was this year's Francophone month?

Guillaume Nargolle, Adviser on Culture and Cooperation at the French Embassy in Armenia, spoke at the Artfocus pavilion on the mission of the International Organization of La Francophonie in Armenia and programs, features of the French language, motivations for learning it, interest of French filmmakers in Artavazd Peleshyan's art and other topics. 

Is there Need for Advanced Art Education in Public Schools?

Does our general education today stress the importance of teaching art subjects? What does art change in the thinking and psychology of schoolchildren? What should the school do to not break the courage and creativity of children, and to get rid of the mechanism of "by heart"? Aram Pakhchanyan, Vice President of ABBYY and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of "Ayb" Educational Foundation answers these and a number of other questions of Anahit Margaryan. 
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The image of Jesus and Christian themes in various fields of art

How much do works of art feed from religion, and vice versa? Does that connection continue nowdays or not?  Poet, translator Hakob Movses spoke in the "Artfocus" pavilion.
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The new normal in Armenian museums

How did the Armenian museums react to the "new normal"? What is the future of culture in the case of "dying" states? At the "Artfocus" pavilion, Anahit Margaryan hosted Armen Yesayants, Director of Exhibitions at the "Cafesjian" Center for the Arts.
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"Heroic ballad". 100th anniversary of Arno Babajanyan

At the "Artfocus" pavilion, Alexander Gindin, one of the original and progressive representatives of the Russian Piano School, spoke about the pleasure of playing in half-empty halls in epidemic conditions, the tendencies of modern performing arts and Arno Babajanyan's art.
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What is the mission of today's theater?

We talked to Narine Grigoryan, the artistic director, actor and director of the Hamazgayin Theater, about the Artsakh tours of the Sos Sargsyan National Theater, redefining theatrical plays, integrating the Armenian theater into the world theatrical life, and a number of other issues. Following, cultural news.




Artfocus 06. 03. 2021

Losses and achievements of Armenian art in war and epidemic conditions.
The director of "Arame" gallery Aram Sargsyan was hosted in the pavilion.