On May 10, the Armenian Apostolic Church celebrated the glorious Feast of Ascension.   The same day our Church is also celebrating the Patriarchal See from Sis to Etchmiadzin.
The Feast of Ascension in the newly constructed Arabkir Church. 
The fresco of the dome of Gevorkian Theological Seminary library will undergo partial renovation. The fresco features Armenian rural landscape, in the center is Komitas Vardapet resting on a road-side stone.
On May 11, Gevorkian Theological Seminary held a conference dedicated to the centenary of Archbishop Maghakia Ormanyan.   
International news: During the reconstruction works in the center of Moscow, a fragment of a container for storing relics of XV-XVI centuries was unearthed.  A medieval underground church has been discovered in the Northern Syria. The Sikhs wearing their national garments organized a march in New York. Anglican Church is making attempts to settle the scandalous story of Lancashire. The Order of Malta has a new Grand Master - Italian aristocrat, art expert and archaeologist Giacomo Dalla Torre. 


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