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Soldier and Priest

The soldiers tell about the soldiers serving in the army, who are next to the soldiers both in the hospital, in the frontline and in the military unit.
The program is dedicated to the 27th anniversary of the formation of the Armenian Army.

The Painter Mikayel Harutyunyan

Catholicos of All Armenians declared year 2018 a year of youth. The "Creating Hands" exhibition kicked off at the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin, where creative young people are going to have their individual exhibitions throughout the entire year. The very first exhibition of the initiative was Mikayel’s.
Mikael Harutyunyan is a painter and is a 2nd year student of Fine Arts Academy. His portfolio includes a number of individual exhibitions in Armenia; many of his compositions can be seen in the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin featuring portraits of Catholicoses, churches etc. More than 100 of Mikayel’s paintings are currently abroad.


Armenian Humanitarian Seminary of Calcutta

The seminary students studying in Calcutta tell stories about difficulties of studying far from their homeland, ways to overcome them, their goals and their dreams.

Catholicos Garegin Hovsepian

Sixty years of scholarly, literary and spiritual activity of Garegin Hovsepyan, friar of the Mother See, Catholicos of the Great House of Cilicia are exceptional. Through Garegin Hovsepyan's efforts unique manuscripts have been saved, and are kept today in the Matenadaran. He was the one to uncover Toros Roslin's art, and establish a number of branches of Armenian art history. He was the first to examine the ancient samples of Armenian domed temples, tomb monuments; and our today’s understanding of many of the architectural monuments destroyed during history is based exclusively on the information he has provided.
The presence and sermon of Garegin Hovsepyan in the suicide squad was crucial in the battle of Sardarapat.


Armenian Philanthropists

Construction of the Trbanchian Seminary of Harichavank, provision of spiritual and secular education, development of rural communities: people whose lives were deeply affected by the investment of Gerald and Patrica Trbanchian's Armenian programs tell about their contributions. 

Haghartsin Week

The participants of spiritual-cultural festival “Haghartsin Week” tell about the festival. The Primate of Tavush Diocese Bishop Bagrat Galstanyan emphasizes the importance of revaluating the heritage of Haghartsin. 

Spiritual Armenia

The youth is the power of the Church, the pulse. Today, in the mission of the Armenian Church, the youth and the priest share the same yoke. The clergy and the young people tell about it themselves. 

From Tavush to Tahuys (Ta huys – give hope)

Many socio-economic, educational and spiritual-cultural projects are being implemented in the Diocese of Tavush. What role does “Arevik” social-educational center of Ijevan or the production of jams on the territory of the Haghartsin monastery complex play in the  life of Tavush? How people of Tavush live, create and defend the borders? Our film crew visited the Diocese of Tavush.


What is the sacrament of Transfiguration or Vardavar, the message to be transferred to today’s man? How is Vardavar celebrated by Tavush residents, how did they manage to preserve and pass from generation to generation the national and church traditions? 

The Power of Prayer

It’s been 60 years, since Father Mambre Kuzuyan is in priesthood service. Many were those cases when members of his spiritual flock recovered from a severe illness due to his prayer. The Father advises never hesitate to pray. 


Give me, Oh God…

Many of us ask our close friends or relatives to pray for us. We ask for it, because we believe in the power of a prayer made for someone else. The first child of Hrayr and Christine – Gevorg, was born 12 years after their marriage. Hrayr readily tells about this episode in his life – what miracle happened and how the most sacramental dream of his family came true owing to the prayers of strangers. 

Ճանապարհ բացե'ք, Սարգիսն է գալիս

Դերասան Մեսրոպ Աբտոյանը 2006 թվականից խաղում է Ս.Սարգսի դերը: Տարիների ընթացքում դերը դարձել է ճակատագիր: Շատերը նրան հենց այդպես էլ դիմում են` Սարգիս: Այս տարի էլ Մեսրոպն իր սպիտակ ձիով կանցնի փողոցներով: Ս.Սարգսի դերի միջոցով դերասանն իր համար բացել է հոգևոր կյանքի դարպասները: