Masters of New Year Gifts

There are many artists making New Year toys and accessories. There are many masters, for whom it’s both a profession, and a pleasant creative work at the same time. Anna makes felt angels, Tsovinar – dolls, Anahit – toys, while Margarita embroiders with toys. These are the heros of our festive program. 

Armen Ghazaryan

Brewing in Armenia has a history of millenniums and today there is a new boost of Armenian beer production again. It is best characterized by the existence of Beer Academy in Yerevan. One of the founders of the Beer Academy Armen Ghazaryan tells us about the Armenian beer. 

Armen Kirakosyan

Solar energy powered electricity is gaining wide spread across diverse European countries. “Armenia can have great results in this field too”, - say Armen Kirakosyan. He is engaged in the production of solar heaters together with his friends. 

Gayane Mikayelyan: master of batik

In Armenia the fans of textile art – batik seem to be as many as its masters. Despite that this type of art reached Armenia from Far East and it’s not an Armenian art, yet it is practiced here as well by Armenian masters using Armenian motives. 

Artak Zakaryan

Armenian beech wood, the work of Armenian masters and designer: Actic toys – ecofriendly toys made in Armenia. The author of idea and head of production is the hero of our program Artak Zakaryan.