They are with us, next to us. They are painters, musicians, writers, priests, scholars, physicians, who create value for everyone throughout their lives; people, whose deeds are not parimetered by the present tense.
They have to be known, they have to be discerned in the source of the their creation, we have to know what they think about yesterday, today and tomorrow, the man, Nature and God.

Karen Qoloyan

“Children's orthopedist need to be a good psychologist in the first place. Dedication and hard work lead to success in the field of medicine”, - believes Dr. Karen Qoloyan, corresponding member of Pediatric Orthopaedic Society of North America (POSNA) and member of European Paediatric Orthopaedic Society (EPOS). 

Melik Baghdasaryan

Photo journalist Melik Baghdasaryan has taken the photos of most important public, political events, historic monuments in addition to sports photography too.

Sashur Qalashyan

Owing to his efforts, dozens of historical-cultural buildings and constructions in Gyumri were saved in 1980-ies. It was due to the plan designed by Sashur Kalashyan and his team, that today the memorial and museum eternalizing the memory of the Armenian Genocide victims now hoists up in the heights of Tsitsernakaberd.
The architect addresses the destruction of historical-cultural buildings and distorted environment in the capital with deep pain. 


Grigor Ajemyan

His childhood and adolescence passed under the label “the son of nation’s enemy”. Grigor Ajemyan realized who his father – Gurgen Mahari was in reality when it was too late. It was only after his father’s death that Grigor Ajemyan revealed Mahari-the writer and became fully dedicated to the studies of Mahari. Despite his old age, up today, he spends hours brooding in front of the desk or in the library or publishing house: he still lives in the world of Mahari...

Հարություն Քեհեյան

Լեգենդար Արարատ 73-ի» մարզիչ, ֆուտբոլի երախտավոր Հարություն Քեհեյանը բազում սպորտային պատնեշներ է հաղթահարել»: Նա ԽՍՀՄ սպորտի վաստակավոր գործիչ է, 1975 թվականից մինչ այսօր՝ Հրազդան» մարզադաշտի տնօրենը:

Levon Chaushian

Symphony, concerts, symphonic poems, sonatas, romances, choruses, quartets… “I knew music even before I learned to speak”, - half-jokingly, half serious says the composer. 

Hakob Yeritsyan

Violin, alt, viola, kanoon, oud, kamancheh, mandolin, saz, tar, santoor… Wood won a breath and soul in the hands of Master Hakob, broken instruments were reborn and sound anew. Master Hakob’s son Samvel Yeritsyan and musicians Tsovinar Hovhannisyan, Hakob Khalatyan and Mihran Demirchyan tell about Master Hakob and the instruments he made.



Arkadi Baghdasaryan

Following a long pause, famous painter Arkadi Baghdasaryan, Arko, took the brush in his hands again. For 5 long years, he was bedridden because of apoplectic stroke. Arko tells about the trials he passed through and his dreams of future.


Henrik Edoyan

“I have been working using only ten, twenty percent of my capacity. Were the time to be reversed, I would do so much more. Yet we did what we did”, - confesses the author of a dozens of poetic and literary criticism books Henrik Edoyan. The program is about the philosophy, the creative evolution of the poet.

Vilen Martikyan

In 19 he was the secretary of Art and Literature Section of one of the most notorious newspapers of the Soviet Armenia, the Avantgarde. In 25, he was the founder of The Sportsman of Armenia (Hayastani Fizkulturnik). Presently, he is the advisor to the Executive Director of Public Radio.
The life of journalist Vilen Martikyan is full of trials. He has been working for an entirely two different regimes…


Svetlana Grigoryan

“We always want to impress you with our great performance, especially if the role is well managed. It is that magical power that keeps you with us, otherwise why would you even need to come and watch us …”.
The hero of the film series “The Devoted” is the RA National Artist Svetlana Grigoryan.



Henrik Mamyan

We saw Levon Shant’s “Old Gods”, Daniel Varuzhan’s “The Concubine”, Lermontov’s “Mtsiri”, Tumanyan’s “Anush”, heroes of Isahakyan and Charents. The works of painter also embellish the churches in Artsakh, Oshakan, Tashir, Sisian. Friends, colleagues, daughter of the painter help present the TV image of the “soldier, steward”.