Hrant Matevosyan

“We and Our Mountains”, “Autumn Leaf”, “The Master”, “This Green, Red World” rank among the best films of Hay Film. Hrant Matevosyan stepped into Hay Film with great difficulty. His signature was not accepted all at one in cinematography. 
How was in real life and offscree are communicated by Davit Matevosyan, Aneta Yerznkyan, Lida Gevorgyan, Mayranush Grigoryan.

Armen Safaryan, Father Shahe Hayrapetyan

The first meeting of the stage director Armen Safaryan and Father Shahe Hayrapetyan took place in the Institute of Fine Arts and Theatre. Their acquaintance was accompanied with some incident, and years later they met in the Church. This meeting was to change everything…

Vrezh Hakobyan, Yervand Ghazanchyan

“Is 60 years of friendship a lot or too little?”: Yervand Ghazanchyan and Vrezh Hakobyan make jokes, remember and tell stories. 

Armenia and Neighbors: Armenia-Turkey

Constitutional changes took place both in Armenia and Turkey: Turkey shifted to presidential administration, and Armenia – to parliamentary. What new realities might be brough about by these changes in terms of relations of two countries and what new challenges might arise? The topic is discussed by Bagrat Estukian, Armenian Language Editor of the Istanbul-based “Agos” newspaper and Anush Hovhannisyan, expert in Turkish studies and political analyst Anush Hovhannisyan. 

Professor of Gevorkian Theological Seminary Avetis Kalashyan bestowed with high honor medal of the Armenian Church

Professor of Gevorkian Theological Seminary Avetis Kalashyan bestowed with high honor medal of “St. Sahak, St. Mesrop Mashtots” of the Armenian Church. 

Individual exhibition of Georgian Armenian doll crafter Armen Hovhannisyan in Yerevan

For three days, the Doll Gallery of Yerevan features the dolls crafted by Georgian Armenian artist Armen Hovhannisyan.


It’s quite natural for man to wish to work, make money, sustains family, obtain nice items. However, what is the reason behind the commandment that says do not covet your friend’s, neighbor’s possessions? 
Father Arrnak Harutyunyan provides explanations. 


Christ got angry in the temple because He saw injustice. 
Anger has a fine line: it is the expression of one’s inner feelings and emotions sometimes accompanies with the desire for justice.
Father Arrnak Harutyunyan provides explanations. 


Frunze Dovlatyan

In the 1960-ies, the world came to know the Armenian film anew through the film “Hellow, This is Me” of Frunze Dovlatyan. His films “Saroyan Brothers”, “Delivery”, “Live Long”, “Solitary Walnut-Tree”, “Longing”, and “Chronicles of Yerevan Days” still bear their modernity. Frunze Dovlatyan is presented on- and offscreen.


Gift of Love

The love story between the members of Ararat Patriarchal Diocese Youth Union Sargis and Diana started in 2015, during the Feast of St. Sarkis. That day Diana didn’t have any symbolizing dream, however, she had asked for the intercession of the saint and was waiting in faith.
Sargis will soon graduate from Gevorkian Theological Seminary and the long days of separation of lovers will stay behind.


The Church and Social Role of Woman

How is the issue of equal gender rights expressed in theology, in church and public life? How can self-discrimination hinder the realization of equal rights of men and women? The issue is discussed by Bishop Gevorg Saroyan and Director of German High Schools Armenia Branch Lusine Kharatyan.


Three Brothers

“Narek’s dream is to become a military, Levon – chief-cook, and my dream is to become a real doctor”, - says 8 years old Vardan. “We like inventing games with brothers, to paint, but most of all we wait for Sunday to participate in Divine Liturgy and go up the altar in the Holy Trinity Church. It’s good when all three of us together sing and pray”.