Incident in Yerevan St. St. Grigor Lusavorich Church yard in Yerevan

On June 10, in St. Grigor Lusavorich Church yard, at the completion of the ordination ceremony of the 12 deacons, the atmosphere was quite tense. A group of demonstrators of the initiative “New Armenia, New Patriarch”, led by Father Koryun and Karen Petrosyan, called for the resignation of the pontiff. In response, the crowds gathered in the yard of the church accompanied the Catholicos Karekin II by a pontifical prayer and "Vehapar" slogans. In the jostle, Father Hakob tried to protect with his body the activist of the initiative from potential attacks of angry people. However, a few moments later, the activist disseminated an announcement in the social network, where he called “ragtags” and “leftover of ragtag” to those believers who didn’t support them and back their behavior. 

In Yerevan St. Grigor Lusavorich Cathedral an ordination of priests took place

On June 10, by the presidency of the Supreme Patriarch of Armenia, an ordination ceremony was held in St. Grigor Lusavorich Cathedral of Yerevan. 12 deacons were called for priesthood.  

Acolytes of Odzun

It was quite a pleasant surprise for Father Vrtanes Baghalyan, when his sons and daughter asked to participate in and help with the Liturgies. Petros, Soghomon and Seda started to learn sharakans along with mother… 

Father Vrtanes Baghalyan, Robert Mukuchyan

“When I was appointed to serve in Odzun, my life changed – new environment, new people, new friends. Father Vrtanes Baghalyan and Robert Mukuchyan now do not remember how they became friends, but remember and tell about their current friendship.

Stepan Zoryan

Stepan Zoryan's works are one of the best pages of the Armenian prose. Stepan Zoryan, as a member of the Teryan’s school of literature, is the bearer and applier of pure Armenian language. The author of the best novels of Armenian literature - "The Armenian Fortress", "King Pap" and "Varazdat" is also a genius representative of a small-scale prose. His other courageous deed was the unsurpassable translation of Lev Tolstoy's novel "War and Peace".
Zoryan is sometimes blamed for not protecting his colleagues during the stalinist violence. Meanwhile, he himself had to be concerned himself ...


Rafayel Kotanjyan

“I am happy because my meeting with audience has always taken place. Whay do I have to say? I still have to express my say, but how and when, I still don’t know. Maybe it’s even better that I don’t know.”
National Artist of Armenia Rafayel Kotanjyan tells about his creative life offscreen.

Not Repeating Past Mistakes

After the velvet revolution, the relations between the legislative and executive powers of the country have found themselves in a situation, where separate episodes remind of the relations between the parliament and government of the First Republic of Armenia. The political system of the first and third republics is vulnerable especially from the perspective of autocratic aspirations. At the moment there are great expectations from the new elections and the maturity of the nation to be displayed during these elections. What should we know about the past to make the future secure? 

Us and Sustainable Democracy

According to the experts, the Armenian revolution can not be considered complete until it harbors at a sustainable democratic haven. How to recognize and distinguish true democracy, how to achieve sustainable democracy, do the societies realize and demand democratic values? And finally, how to avoid the dangerous turns of the political system? 
Lusine Kharatyan, a member of the Educational Civic Initiative, and Edgar Vardanyan, a political analyst discuss the topic.

Hovik Khalikyan, Ruben Vardanyan

“Chess players are like from another world, I enjoy friendship with them”, says Ruben Vardanyan.
“Friendship is the domain you created, and have to bear its liability”, - assuredly says Hovik Khalikyan.


Armenian Cinematography: First Republic

Every film is the reflection and document of its own era; the evaluation of historical events years after are changing. How much did the Armenian films made during Soviet era managed to maintain and describe the internal political situation of the First Republic? The TV program series “Offscreen” addresses the films “Delivery”, “Saroyan Brothers”, “Kikos”, “Mexican Diplomats” and “Orchestra Boys”. 

Anti-Canonical Issues, Church Reformations

The Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin announced that it had decided to apply to Catholicos of all Armenians on initiating examination of Koryun Arakelyan's anti-canonical and anti-church actions with the Disciplinary Committee of the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin. The church council has clarified that obstructing the liturgy and disrupting the prayer atmosphere in the church hurts the spiritual feelings of many believers. The debate on the pavilion of "Option" refers to the moral and ethical issues that have emerged as a result of recent protests.

Authorities-Public Linkage After Revolution

The public perception is virtually undoubtable that the author of the current changes in Armenia is the nation. Consequently, each one seeks to contribute to the processes following the change of power. Will the citizen's contribution hereinafter be of demand , which was so appreciated in the heat of the revolution. What is the power-to-public relation and what is the potential of their current communication in terms of social change? 
Discussion by sociologist Zhanna Andreasyan and writer Hovhannes Yeranyan.