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"Wikimedia Armenia" Scientific-Educational Non-Governmental Organization has united volunteers of different ages and professions, who did not spare efforts to write articles in Armenian, edit mistakes and misspellings. Thanks to them, Armenian Wikipedia has become one of the full members of the world's largest family, the 34th edition of the articles.

Hover State Chamber Choir is 25 years old

On September 25, Hover State Chamber Choir celebrated the 25th anniversary of its establishment.  The fans of Choir art enjoyed classic and contemporary compositions of Armenian and foreign composers in Opera Theatre. The songs by Steve Wander and The Beatles were presented in a new and interesting manner. 

Eve of Tearnyndaraj celebrated in Arabkir Church

Ceremonial fire, food, congratulations to the newly-weds, national songs and dances. The newly constructed church of Arabkir hosted the celebrations of the Eve of Tearnyndaraj.

Hovhannes Zardaryan

The painting of Zardaryan “Spring” done in 1956 symbolizes the start of the snow melting in the Soviet Armenian painting. Hovhannes Zardaryan is one of those exceptional painters who made his way to numerous international exhibitions in those years, including three biennale in Venice. Most part of Zardaryan’s abundant heritage has not so far been explored remaining unknown to the public. 

“Miqayel Voskanyan and Friends”

"Miqayel Voskanyan and Friends" ethno jazz band created in 2011 is one of the most inimitable musical groups. Their set list includes adaptations of famous pieces as well as original compositions. Tar is the solo instrument in the band. Their music mixes elements of jazz, Armenian folk music, rock and fusion. Our camera is in the rehearsal room of "Miqayel Voskanyan and Friends" band.

Armenian Philanthropists

Construction of the Trbanchian Seminary of Harichavank, provision of spiritual and secular education, development of rural communities: people whose lives were deeply affected by the investment of Gerald and Patrica Trbanchian's Armenian programs tell about their contributions. 

Murad Hasratyan

Murad Hasratyan studied and composed the entire history of the Armenian architecture in Armenian, Russian and French. Hasratyan lectured in a number of prestigious symposiums and foreign universities. Today the scientists continues his academic and pedagogical activities with   an enthusiasm of a young man. The six-volume book on Armenian architecture continues to be published under his huidance in the NAS Art Institute. 

Buildings of Mother Cathedral

The camera is following Father Ararat Poghosyan walking in the territory of the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin. He is showing the historical and newly constructed buildings within the territory of the Mother Cathedral. 
A wonderful video guide for those who are familiar with, but hadn’t been there for a while, or have no idea as to why is Holy Etchmiadzin considered to be an open-air museum.


Father Abel Kartashyan

Father Abel is a priest of seven borderline villages. He serves in Tavush Diocese. He considers hardships and joys of every soldier and farmer who defends the border his own. What does a man need? A frank and compassionate friend.

Taking Care of Cats

There is a cat shelter in Kanakeravan village. The shelter has been rented by Hasmik and Diana. They themselves take care of homeless cats with their own resources. The number of cats is going up, while the shelter is really tiny…

Two in the City Honesty

Composer Andranik Berberyan and actor Samvel Tadevosyan walk around the city and share their thoughts on honesty. 

Father Abel Kartashyan

“I came to priesthood service in quite a mature age. It was difficult in the beginning. Spiritual music was such a new and unveiled world for a violin player. It took me a while to understand what a gift I got…”.