Toros Toramanyan

“If architecture was a stone music, then Toros Toramanyan has turned that stone into live music”, said Avetik Isahakyan. “He is as much a splendid singer of our magnificient ruins and musieums”. TV Encyclopedia present the life and scientific activities of famous architect, scientist Toros Toramanyan. 

Postcards made by wounded soldiers purchased for charity purposes

Yerevan State Medical University of MkhitarHeratsi decided to buy the postcards for March 8 from the wounded soldiers. Other institutions and organizations also decided to join the initiative. All funds raised will be transferred to the Rehabilitation Center of Military Servants.

Isahakyan in Letters

The letters of writers usually published in the final volumes of the complete collections of their writings, and more seldom – in separate collectiosn, can interest not only literary critics- text specialists, but also wider circles of society. The letters allow observing the author in the real life and cross-check his/her literature against his/her biography and the opposite. However, we’re often confronted with the question of how decent is it to publish intimate letters, and how does it contribute to getting to know the writer? 

Stalin Repressions in Armenia

Few families can be found in Armenia who didn’t suffer this way or another from Stalin repressions, yet not many studies exist on these issues, especially such important issue as the moral-psychological atmosphere then, the attitude of those repressed toward the persons involved in political persecution and the system itself. Hayk Hambardzumyan spoke about these issues with ethnographer Harutyun Marutyan. 

The Prime Minister of Armenia visited the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin

On February 8, Karekin II Catholicos of All Armenians received the Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia Karen Karapetyan. The Prime Minister addressed the relations between the Armenian Apostolic Church and the Government emphasizing the state-church cooperation. The progress of reforms undertaken in the country were also discussed. 


Armenian Music Art and the World

Many public and private programm are presently implemented to proclaim Armenian music both within, as well as outside of Armenian, concerts and festivals kick off. How effective are these steps, hos is it ever possible to most attractively present high-art music in the light of poor-quality music marches of the modern world? Hayk Hambardzumyan spoke about these issues with Hasmik Movsisyan, the founding manager of Music of Armenia organization. 


Meeting of Catholicos of All Armenians with the families of deceased military servants

Karekin II, Catholicos of All Armenians received the residents of Berd region community, Tavush Marz, and families of deceased military servants in the Mother See. 

First-class radiological diagnostics equipment were installed in Izmirlian Medical Center

Izmirlian Medical Center, functioning under the Mother See, has made new procurements owing to the Armenian General Benevolent Union and Louise Simone Manoogian.First-class radiological diagnostics equipment were installed inthe Center, which are considered the most competitive equipment in terms of international criteria. 

“Goy” Theatre

“Rhinoceros”, “Opera-Opera”, “Six Characters in Search of an Author”: “Goy” theatre, founded in 80s, was able to create an alternative theatre in difficult times. Actors and directors gathered around Armen Mazmanyan were able to stage works that were novelty in theatrical art. Today the Theatre is striving to preserve the fame and colors of the past. 

New Year and Christmas Tree

It’s been 14 years now that Movses Poghosyan grows fir trees in the backyard of Armenian branch of German Red Cross “House of Hope” of Yerevan. The ancestors of these green beauties come from Germany; the philanthropist and coordinator of the program priest Carl-Heinz Schaide sent the seedlings from his homeland.

New Year Gifts

The most expected gifts of the New Year and Christmas are those made with love and warmth. Charity fairs where proceeds are directed to donations now become a good tradition. 

Book Publishing without State Support

The sphere of book publishing is anticipating big changes: state support programs aimed at book publishing will be reviewed, and the available resources will be directed towards book publicizing projects, libraries, and translations of Armenian books into other languages. What will these changes bring to the development of the sphere of book publishing? What impact will they have on the publishing and publicizing of contemporary Armenian literature? Hayk Hambardzumyan spoke about these issues with Khachik Vardanyan, director of “Bookinist” company.