March 6-12

The events of this week focus on women – March 8 events. A day full of congratulations, wishes, surprises and confessions for women. How does our Church value and appreciate women, what message is delivered by the Pontiff on this day every year? 

February 13-19

Key events of the TV series “Weekly Church Life” focus on the Feast of Tearnyndaraj. 
Every year, on February 13 and 14, thousands of believers participate in this wonderful feast. Every year this important national and church festivity gains more and more popularity. 
During the week of February 13-19 of diverse years were then newly-erected sacred places in Shirak and Artsakh Dioceses consecrated. 


January 23-28

For this week’s coverage, we distinguished the video on the preparation and blessing of the Right Hand Reliquary of St. Sargis the Warrior as to when and where the relics were unearthed, how were they put in the reliquary. 
The Divine Liturgy dedicated to the anniversary of establishing the Armenian Army is traditionally served some time within this week over the course of different years. His Holiness attends various events dedicated to the Army Day and bestows awards to high-ranking officers. 


January 16-22

Jerusalem and other places walked by Christ are sacred venues for the entire Christian world, including us Armenians. For ages, Armenians and Armenian Catholicoses inheriting the Illuminator’s throne, visited those places as pilgrimages. From January 12 through 15, Karekin II Catholicos of All Armenians went to these Lord-tramped location. 
The presentation of three-volume book “History of Nation” by Archbishop Maghakia Ormanian took place during January. 


January 9-15

First working week following the New Year and Chrismas was distinguished in the life of Armenia Church with various noteworthy happenings. Traditionally, every year Aram Khachaturian Concert Hall hosted the final concert of Armenian Church Youth Centers. Over many years, this same week of January 9-15, episcopal ordination of the primates of Armenian Dioceses in Egypt and Damascus took place. 

January 2-8

On January 6, a Candlelight Divine Liturgy of Holy Nativity is served in all Armenian Apostolic Churches. The celebrant of the Divine Liturgy is the Armenian Pontiff. 
The feast is commenced on January 5 with a Candlelight Divine Liturgy followed by a home blessing service. 


December 12-18

14 years ago the number of institutions training spiritual servants was replenished by one – Priest’s auditorium. 
This week was noteworthy for the village Akunq of Kotayk Marz. On December 15, 2013, the spiritual and cultural center of St. Karapet Church was opened with around 100 children attending it. 


December 19-25

The year is ending and festive mood and colors can be discerned from the events of this week over the course of different years. 
In 2013, these days, the program “One Postcard, One Apartment” was launched. Due to this program, three poor families of Gyumri can now meet the New Year in a comfortable house. 

Weekly Church Life: September 5-11

During the week of September 5-11 Ruben Sevak Museum was opened in the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin, Gevorkian Seminary made its entry into the new academic year with a new status, Karekin II consecrated the Mother Cathedral of the Western Diocese of US – St. Ghevont the Priest and His Companions Church in Burbank. We have singled out another ten memorable events in the Church life. 

Weekly Church Life: August 15-21

Within the period of 1999-2016 what notable events took place in the Armenian Church on weekly basis? What meetings did Patriarch of All Armenian hold, what buildings were established, what programs launched? The TV program series “Weekly Church Life” addresses remarkable events and persons of the past 17 years. 
The very first program features the week between August 15 and 21. 


Weekly Church Life: August 22-28

Over the recent years, the period of August 22-28 was memorable in particular for ground blessing and consecration ceremonies of churches. At present, they are functioning and play significant role in the communities.

Weekly Church Life: August 29 – September 4

The week of August 29-September 4 of different years was rich in medal award ceremonies, lauching of a number of projects and visits by high ranking guests.