The seminarians depart for spiritual servicing over the summer

This summer the students of Gevorkian Theological Seminary will again spend their summer vacations in  Armenian and Diaspora Dioceses. This opportunity is provided to most outstanding seminarians. This year they are nearly forty. 

The Supreme Patriarch received Armenian pilgrims of Santa Clarita

On June 23, Supreme Patriarch and Catholicos of All Armenians received pilgrims from the U.S. Western Diocese.  They are from in Santa Clarita, California. Father Serovbe Alanjian mentioned introduced the pilgrims pinpointing the fact that most of them are the descendants of the Armenian Genocide. 

Pilgrimage of the President of Federation of Cyclists to the Holy Land

Arman Antonyan, the President of Federation of Cyclists managed to realize his childhood dream and depart for Israel, Bethlehem, Nazareth and the River Jordan. After vising different holy places related to the earthly life of Christ, Arman got as far as to Jerusalem on the Feast of Holy Resurrection, wore a vestment for 5 days and attended ecclesiastical rituals. 

The teachers of Holy Translators’ College of Jerusalem had a meeting with the Armenian Patriarch

By the leadership of Rev. Fr. Norayr Gazazyan, Armenian, Jew and Palestine teachers of Holy Translators’ College of Jerusalem are in Armenia these days,  On June 19 they were received by Catholicos of All Armenians. 

Issues related to the management of monuments of religious significance were discussed in Yerevan

Recently international experts from 20 countries of the world, from Georgia to Macedonia were in Armenia.  In April 19-20, Yerevan hosted an expert conference dedicated to sustainable management of  religious World Heritage sites across Eastern European countries. The meeting was attended by the representatives of Russian Orthodox and Armenian Apostolic Church. 

The school-children of Bjni met with the Armenian Patriarch

On June 19, the school-children of Bjni accompanied by the spiritual pastor of the Holy Mother of God Church Father Aristakes Baghalyan, came to the Mother See for pilgrimage. They had a meeting with Catholicos of All Armenians in Karekin I Education Center.

Celebration of 112th anniversary of AGBU

The Armenian General Benevolent Union (AGBU) marks their 112th anniversary of establishment. On this occasion, with the head of the AGBU  Yerevan office, scouts laid wreaths and flowers at the statues of the union's founder Poghos Nubar, presidents Galust Gyulbenkyan and Alex Manoogian. 

Supporting the Theatre of Stepanakert

The program “Artsakh, My Love: Support Stepanakert Theatre” was launched.

Divine Liturgy of the Holy Resurrection in Yerevan's military unit

The good news of Resurrection reached to military servants. An open-altar Divine Liturgy was offered in Yerevan Divine Liturgy. The celebrant was senior Chaplain of 5th Army Military unit of Yerevan Father Yenovk Yesayan.

Bicycle pilgrimage to the Mother See

On March 24, on the eve of Tsakhkazard, the Cycling Federation of Armenia organized a bicycle pilgrimage. From the Republic Square the pilgrim cyclers along with Father Nshan Alaverdyan got to the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin. 

Music of Komitas: by original, or by arrangement

Only original music of Komitas should be heard in Komitas Museum-Institute; no other musician can perform in the Museum with the arrangements of the heritage of Komitas. This decision of the Museum's scientific board became a topic of discussions one year ago. Recently the Museum initiated a conversation-discussion on “Komitas’ Heritage”. The discussions focused on the above-mentioned decision causing hot arguments.

Parajanov Day in “Loft”

On April 8, Loft Development Center turned into Parajanov's house in Tbilisi or his summer house, which was replete with parties and guests. An event dedicated to the world-known filmmaker Sergei Parajanov was organized.