Hamazasp Hambardzumyan

The history of Hambardzumyan family is not presented in historical chronicles.  The legends and myths about their family were transferred by family members, from generation to generation. The first intellectual of the kin was Hamazasp Hambardzumyan. He witnessed the opening of Byurakan Observatory, the glory and recognition of his son – the most acclaimed Armenian scientist in those years, and personally leaving traces in the Armenian culture. 

Alfred Nobel: A Road to Eternity

“You may not have 472 million dollars and may not create such a famous prize that is primarily intended to spread goodness in humanity, but it is unequivocal that you can think of leaving a good mark after you even today. One day Alfred Nobel decided so and did it. Let me recall John Maxwell’s words that there are two important days in the life of a man. The first is when he comes into the world, and the second, when he understands why.” from Jonathan Söderblom’s speech on Alfred Nobel at the Nobel Prize ceremony.

Henri Verneuil

French actor Pierre Tchernia will say about this master: "Most of all, I admire and at the same time I am shocked by my friend Henry's life story. The genocide, which deprived him of his relatives and close friends, never broke Henry's spirit and vitality. He was a true son of his people. "

Alfred Nobel

The most common legend about Alfred Nobel is that no Nobel Prize is awarded in mathematics because the lover of the inventor’s wife was a mathematician. As a matter of fact, Nobel was never married. In his biographers' opinion, as a very practical scientist, Nobel regarded mathematics as a very abstract field of knowledge, where it is impossible to determine which discovery can be regarded higher than the other.

Catholicos Garegin Hovsepian

Sixty years of scholarly, literary and spiritual activity of Garegin Hovsepyan, friar of the Mother See, Catholicos of the Great House of Cilicia are exceptional. Through Garegin Hovsepyan's efforts unique manuscripts have been saved, and are kept today in the Matenadaran. He was the one to uncover Toros Roslin's art, and establish a number of branches of Armenian art history. He was the first to examine the ancient samples of Armenian domed temples, tomb monuments; and our today’s understanding of many of the architectural monuments destroyed during history is based exclusively on the information he has provided.
The presence and sermon of Garegin Hovsepyan in the suicide squad was crucial in the battle of Sardarapat.



In Tsarist Russia Lazaryans were known as philanthropists, national and public officials. It was due their efforts that the first Armenian Churches were constructed in the two Russian capitals. The most significant of those was the opening of Lazaryan Seminary in 1815 through the efforts of Lazaryan brothers. This education institutions late become Lazaryan Institute for Eastern Languages – the cornerstone of Eastern studies of Russia. For nearly one and half century it provided education opportunities to Armenian and Russian prominent writers, cultural figures, philologists and historians. 

Jean Cocteau

In 1963 Jean Cocteau passed away. He found his ultimate rest in the arms of death to which he was heading in all his compositions. Years before that he wrote in the avandardists’ manifesto: “ One must be a living man and a posthumous artist”. It seems that he didn’t fail anyone in that… 


Price of Life

“The years of the World War I were hard. To survive the hardships, you need an open heart. In Hamburg, in a small Church, the hardest day of my life I had received as a gift… what was more important I had realized its price”. 

Nver Safaryan: The General Dreaming of Peace

Spring 1945. The Soviet Army occupied Berlin and this was the end of the Worl War II. From all Soviet Army Divisions to occupy Berlin the only one was 89-th Tamanian Armenian Divison. The Commander was General-Mjor Never Safaryan. The commander of the Armenian Division, who bore the catastrophs of two World Wars of the XX century on his own skin, had one sole dream – to see Armenia united. 

Daniel Varuzhan: Heathen Songs

Poetry collection of Daniel Varuzhan “Heathen Songs” raised huge wave of enthusiasm in 1913. Due to that, heathen literary movement got new start. However, the aesthetics program of Varuzhan was cut short: the Armenian Genocide took place in 1915 and all plans were disrupted. 
The collection “Heathen Songs” remained unsurpassed with its new and unique aesthetics and one of a kind ever. 

Norman Wisdom

The most difficult thing in the life is to make laugh, and he did it brilliantly. Norman Wisdom – the most favorite clown of Chaplin. Life and creative path of Wisdom in the TV series “Known-Unknown Cinematography”. 

Tonino Guerra

“It would’ve been so much better if there were worlds where we could stop time and wait for lapsing spirits…” TV series “Known-Unknown Cinematography” features Tonino Guerra; his life and creative work.