The Sacrament of the Holy Resurrection in Our Lives

“Christ has risen; He is risen, indeed”. This is the greeting heard across all Armenian Apostolic Churches today. The Candlelight Divine Liturgy of the Holy Resurrection signals the end of the Holy Week symbolizing the last days and works of Jesus Christ on the earth. This week is of a special importance for all believers and especially those fasting. Hayk Hambardzumyan talks about the the Holy Week and the sacrament of the Feaast of Holy Resurrection with Father Nshan Alaverdyan.
Hayk Hambardzumyan spoke with film director Khane Poghosyan.

House-Museum of Perch Proshyan

In May 1948, the house of famous writer Perch Proshyan’s father in Ashtarak city became a museum. Every visitor reveals the writer, translator, photographer Prochyan in its own unique manner. His study room, guest room and many other personal belongings and archival items have been preserved.


Hovsep I Hoghotsmetsi – part 2

Did the Armenian clergy in Tizbon (Ctesiphon), and namely Catholicos Hovsep Hoghomtsetsi, know that the apostasy of Armenian ministers was fake? Artak Gnuni continues presenting the history of the reign of 5th century Catholicos Hovsep Hoghomtsetsi. 

Hovsep I Hoghotsmetsi – part 1

5th century: the Teacher was getting older and he was in need of a young and literate assistant. The choice of St. Mesrop was Hovsep. He remained in the history as Catholicos Hovset I Hoghomtsetsi. 

The Prospects and Barriers of Film Production

Filmmakers are loud about the lack of a unique Armenian cinema and the need to create it. In what ways should the promotion of Armenian cinema be driven, how can Armenian film industry become more interesting for investors, why isn’t a film development program in place? 
Hayk Hambardzumyan spoke about these issues with producer Melik Karapetyan.

Sermon of Mount: God and Earthly Concerns (Matth. 6:25-34, Luke 12:22-31)

Why does Christ exhort us not to bother for our food, drink, clothes, and our next day, and bring the example of the birds and wild lily? 
Rev. Father Ruben Zargarian provides explanations on the passage. 

Sermon of Mount: “Judge not, that ye be not judged” (Matth. 7:1-6, Luke 6:37-38, 41-42). part 2

Why does the Lord bring the example of the speck of the eye and the log? 
 Rev. Father Ruben Zargarian continues providing explanations on the passage. 

Sermon of Mount: “Judge not, that ye be not judged” (Matth. 7:1-6, Luke 6:37-38, 41-42). part 1

Why does the Lord bring the example of the speck of the eye and the log? 
Rev. Father Ruben Zargarian provides explanations on the passage. 

Modern Museum: Why and How

In the modern world, the perception of the museum is also changing. They are not perceived merely as a place of preservation, display and study of historical and cultural exhibits, but also predent for much greater social and cultural functioning. How justified is this approach? How close to what extent are the museums in Armenia ready and open to changes, and what is needed for the development of museums? 
Hayk Hambardzumyan spoke about these issues with the Director of Charents Museum of Literature and Art Karo Vardanyan.

Gevorg Barseghyan

“When I got sick, for a moment I was offended from God. My mother gave me one important councel… And when I was attending the renovation of our church, even the doctors would get surprised at the stabilization of my health. I know where my strength comes from…”
Gevorg Barseghyan from Martuni considers that what happened to him to be a miracle. 


Associaction of Good Acts: Armenian Businessmen of Germany

In 2001, an Armenian association was established in Cologne, Germany, by the Armenian businessmen residing in Germany. The goal of the association was to help Armenians settled in foreign countries and Armenia.

Armenian Language - Regulated and Free from Rules

Numerous practical problems in the use of modern Armenian language in terminology, literacy, orthography, verbal, punctual, oral and written Armenian are always subject to discussions and disputes. The "Supreme Council of Armenian Language" was established to discuss, coordinate, and consult these issues. How is the board to carry out this work, what functions does it have, and through what means and levers are language-related decisions will come into life? 
Hayk Hambardzumyan talked about these issues with Yuri Avetisyan, Head of the Chair of Armenian Language at YSU, Doctor of Philological Sciences.