The Melancholy of "Dogma"

Uncertainty, sadness, low mood; how the song "Melancholia" was created, the authors tell.

"Ethno colors", "Vai Babo"

Many have heard the song "Vai Babo" by "Ethno colors" group in Tigranakert dialect, and you will know what it is about by watching the history of the song.

Vigen Hovsepyan, "I'm calling, come, come"

Singer and guitarist Vigen Hovsepyan, famous for performing folk songs, presented the story of the song "I'm calling, come, come" at our pavillion.

"Pailmoon" group, "Lullaby"

According to the musicians of the "Pailmoon" band, the idea and mood of the song is a lullaby, "but it's hard to find someone who can fall asleep to this song," the guys joke. The musicians of the "Pailmoon" group presented their "Lullaby" at our pavillion.

"Pailmoon" group, "The Tree"

"Tear me from the tree of your soul and give me to this autumn wind, before I reach the moon, sing my song in this dream." The boys of "Pailmoon" present the love song "The Tree".

"Eghanak" group, "Cold Sun"

The song "Cold Sun" is the first song of the "Eghanak" group, before that the musicians collaborated with each other in different groups. You will find out how the video was filmed and quickly spread on the Internet by watching our conversation with Samvel Kirakosyan and Sergey Lulukyan.

"Katil Band", "Bari Luso"

The folk song "Bari Luso" was written in 1885 by Hayrik Khrimyan. Hayrik Muradyan recorded the song for the first time in the 1970s. Now the song is presented by the band "Katil" with a new arrangement.

Arman Peshtmaljian, Zhanna Davtyan, "Summer Night"

As a result of the joint work of Arman Peshtmaljian and Zhanna Davtyan, the popular song "Summer Night" has received a new color. The musicians presented interesting details about the instrumentation of the song and the making of the video clip at our pavillion. 

Vigen Hovsepyan- "Moonlit Night"

Singer and guitarist Vigen Hovsepyan, famous for his performances of folk songs, tells the story of the Armenian folk song "Moonlit Night", which he developed and arranged with the Norwegian musician Harvard Enstard.

Mohana- "Lao"

The song "Lao" created with the music of Richard Madlenyan and the Western Armenian text of Grigor Kyokchyan is a love story of a girl. How the song reached the young singer Mohana, you will find out while watching "The Story of the Song".

"Dialogue" project, "Tal Tala"

The founder of the "Dialog" project Tigran Suchyan and the singer Zhanna Davtyan tell about the development and instrumentation of their latest song "Tal Tala" at our pavillion.

Juliana and Andranik Berberyans, "Khlpane"

The folk song "Khlpane" that came down to us in the Sasno dialect has received a modern touch and coloring thanks to Juliana and Andranik Berberyans. At our pavillion, they tell interesting details about the process of song development, instrumentation and video recording.