April 15

Stay away from carnal desires that give rise to gossip
Stay away so that gossipers may glorify God in the day of his visitation. Slanderers must see a follower of God and want to be one of those followers.
Rev. Fr. Arnak Harutyunyan speaks on this. 
(15 Sixteenth day of Eastertide: Luke. 7.1-10: Acts. 9.32-43: I Pet. 2.11-17: John. 3.13-21: Matt. 9.9-17: Mark. 3.13-19: )

April 14

Baptism is death with Christ
By being baptized, immersing ourselves in water 3 times, we relive his death with Christ, and just as Christ rose from the dead and destroyed sin, so we come out of the water and rise again to start a new life with Christ.
Priest Movses Sahakyan is leaving.
(14 † Kyr. DZ. G Kyr. Askharmatra. (Green Kyurake). Acts 3:9-17: Isaiah 66:12-16: I Tim. 3:14-16: Matt. 16:13-19: Luke 6:12-49: Acts. 9.23-31: 2.18-12.

April 13

Why is our life a mess?
You must be holy to accept the graces of the Lord and wait for those graces with sensitivity. We want to continue flattering, lying, stealing, but have Christ in our lives. It doesn't happen like that. First of all, we need to be cleansed.
Rev. Fr. Arnak Harutyunyan speaks on thisz
(Fourteenth day of Eastertide. Acts. 5.12-33: Jas. 2.14-26: Jovh. 21.15-25.)

April 12

How to make the right choice?
Stereotypes are often based on deceptions with which we try to deceive ourselves. They lead to wrong choices. In order to make the right choice, one should have more love than strictness and try to see the depth of people and phenomena. Evaluating everything in the true light of Jesus Christ.
Rev. Fr. Tigran Badiryan speaks on this. 
(12 Thirteenth day of Eastertide- Luke. 5.27-39 Acts. 8.26-40: 1 Peter. 1.1-12: John. 2.1-11: Matt. 6.22-34 Mark. 2.13-22)

April 11

Be sincere when you pray
Christ says: all those who pray to be seen as praying are pagans. Never try to cheat in your relationship with God. First of all, do not deceive yourself, even if the reality is painful to accept.
Rev. Fr. Movses Sahakyan speaks on this. 
(11 Twelfth day of Eastertide- Luke. 5.17-26: Acts. 8.14-25: James. 5.12-20: John. 1.43-51: Matt. 6.1-21: Mark. 2.1-12: )

April 10

Are you a servant or a friend of the Lord?
Jesus Christ says that he considers people not his servants, but his friends. The attitude towards God, the tendencies and reasons for seeking him actually show whether you want to be a servant or whether you want to be a friend and relative of the Lord.
Fr. Tigran Badiryan speaks on this.
(10 Eleventh day of Eastertide: Luke. 5.12-16: Acts. 8.3-13: James. 5.1-11: John. 1.35-42: Matt. 5.17-48: Mark. 1.35-45: )

April 9

Righteousness is the key to the kingdom of heaven
Blessed are those who are persecuted for the sake of justice. Jesus says: blessed are you who will be persecuted for my sake, because Christ himself is righteousness. Blessed are you if you carry Christ in you.
Rev. Fr. Movses Sahakyan speaks on this. 
(Tenth day of Eastertide- Luke. 4.43-5.11: Acts. 7.30-8.2: James. 4.7-17: John. 1.29-34: Matt. 5.1-16: Mark. 1.21-34)

April 8

Why does God allow wars to happen?
God gave man freedom to follow him and fulfill his will, but man voluntarily renounces freedom and God's presence. If in small personal experiences we deviate from the Lord's path, then why do we blame God in big experiences for not allowing war?
Father Arnak Harutyunyan speaks on this. 
(Ninth day of Eastertide- Luke. 4.31-41: Acts. 6.8-7.29: James. 3.13-4.6: John. 1.18-28: Matt. 4.12-25: Mark. 1.14-20: )


April 7

Christ is a cosmic reality
In the Bible, we see how God created the world, the universe, the sun, the moon. John says in his Gospel that the Christ we know is a cosmic, timeless reality.
Priest Movses Sahakyan speaks on this.
(Octave of Easter (New Sunday). Annunciation to the Virgin Mary-Acts. 15.1-29: 2 Peter. 2.9-22: John. 6.22- 38: Matt. 13.1-23: Mark. 6.1-6: )

April 6

Everyone must demonstrate faith by action. Is it enough to just talk, reflect, testify? We are believers, where is our deeds? Care, love, forgiveness, tolerance towards others should be our job.
Father Arnak Harutyunyan speaks on this.
(Seventh day of Easter
Beheading of St. John the Forerunner (the Baptist): Luke. 12.13-31: Acts. 17.16-34: I John. 2.1-6: John. 7.24- 36: Matt. 14.1-12: Mark. 6.45-56.)

April 4

Give gentleness and sweetness to receive love
The meek are those who establish peace, look at everyone with a sweet and gentle look. You have to be strong to forgive. The image of meekness was Christ, when he slaps, looks at the sky and says, "Father, why don't they understand what they are doing?"
Rev. Fr. Movses Sahakyan speaks on this. 
(Fifth day of Easter: Acts. 4.13-31: Jas. 1.13-27: Matt. 5.1-12.)

April 3

The knowledge of the Lord is obscured if you do not approach the bread of life
The knowledge and presence of the true Lord can be had only through holy communion. This joyful feast of the Resurrection is the best opportunity to communicate with Jesus Christ.
Rev. Fr. Tigran Badiryan speaks on this.
(Fourth day of Easter Acts. 3.22-4.12: Jas. 1.1-12: Luk. 24.36-40: )