"Mark Sevuni" Chocolate Candies

The story of the Yerevan Chocolate Factory success and the secret of the taste of "Mark Sevuni", "Sonuar" candies. 

Mind Center

Mind Center, the center of specialties for the future, organizes a number of robotics, programming, engineering and technological courses and programs for children aged 6-14. The aim of the center is: to educate children in STEM orientation; to transfer engineering knowledge from early school age; to develop innovative-creative thinking; to enable children to think, imagine and implement freely. 

Farmer Tigran

Tigran Mikaelyan cleaned the pasture from rock and stone for 5 years and calculated. Today he has 15 hectares of land where he grows organic raspberries. He bought Korean herbivorous pigs a few years ago. "With smart calculation and great dedication, you will definitely succeed," says successful farmer Tigran.

Backbone Branding

"Backbone Branding" design company was recognized as the best company at the 2019, 2020 Shanghai Pentawards Awards. The company is confident that the Armenian designer understands the Armenian businessman better, the merits of his product and can better ensure the sale of the product.



Arishta "Bazikyan"

The Bazikyan family has been making noodles at home in Gavar since 1998 to take care of their daily worries. Today, with three brothers, they have already established a workshop and are known in Armenia. Their noodles are exported to Europe, Russia and the USA.



Cheese Production

The Mikaelyan family moved from Yerevan to Gegharkunik region, cultivating new types of cottage cheese. The unique taste of Miqayelyan family farm cheese made with the help of Armenian brandy and wine also attracts tourists from different countries.




Tea production

Rita Martirosyan has been studying tea plants for several years. Now in production as well . "There are more than 4,000 plant species in Armenia, about 150 of them are teas. "Nature offers us a wide selection, and we should enjoy those benefits."



Chocolate production

"Now we import cocoa beans from different countries, but our goal is to grow cocoa trees in Armenia, and have Armenian chocolate." Mher Tadevosyan and Dianna Khopshanomova founded a handicraft production of chocolate called TadDin chocolatier. Various types of chocolates are dominated by Armenian endemic kernels: tarragon, mint, thyme, honey, doshab.



"Pes Pes" Game about cities

Yana Babajanyan and Sergey Tantushyan studying the Armenian market, realized that there is no game to recognize the hometown for children. And they created the game "Pes Pes".



I Bari

"I Bari" is a production of honey, conserve, jams, dried fruits and legumes. You can get acquainted with the new "Mrgastan" brand with the "Arlupa" augmented reality application.



Sevak Markosyan is an economist by profession. After working in the banking system for several years, he decided to start a production and set up the "TUF-TUFIC" houses for children. "I have never been afraid to start a new business, I am very happy that different shops and manufacturers help me.



Twinz wooden glasses

Brothers David and Babken from Gyumri established a small production of wooden glasses in Gyumri. They tell the secret of their success.