The heroes of the TV series are school children with their interests and problems. However, one thing that they do with pleasure is wearing a robe and rise on Altar and serve as an Acolyte in the Church.
Every TV program is one story, a case of communication with the Church.
Frequency: Monday, at 21:00


Karen dreams of becoming a singer, attends Yeghvard Art School, is interested in robotics. But every Sunday he comes to church with his sisters, serves at the altar, and the sisters sing in the choir.

The scribes of Hrazdan

Norayr, Aren and Aram are friends, they got acquainted in the Holy Mother of God Church in Hrazdan. The youngest is Norayr, but Aren and Aram say that they learned a lot from him ...


"After the war we are trying to stand up․ It is our land, and we are fighting like this way." We visited Arshaluys and Geghakert villages of Armavir region. 





Hrachya starts Sunday in the St. John the Baptist Church in Arinj. The day goes well with friends. The rest of the day is in his father's studio, doing miniature painting. He knows he still has a lot to learn.




The scribes of Aparan

Zori, Zaven, Narek, Mushegh and Azat walk every Sunday in the churches of the villages of Aparan, helping the priests during the liturgies. They tell us about their travels and adventures.




Seven-year-old Avetik wears a T-shirt in Dilijan Church and helps Father Shavarsh during the rituals. Avetik and his friend Tigran introduce our film crew to his small world and big homeland.



Scribes of Charentsavan

Charentsavan scribes go about their daily lives together, from singing liturgies to cultivating the garden.

Scribes of Arabkir

Three brothers, Hovhannes, Gevorg and Mikael, wear shirts in the church of the Arabkir community in Yerevan. Our film crew spent a day with the children.



Ordination of scribes of Ijevan

The children who have been wearing T-shirts for a long time were looking forward to the ordination scribes ...



Little scribes in the Old Residence

The heroes of the "Little Scribes" program were hosted by the Patriarch of All Armenians at the Old Residence.



Acolytes of Odzun

It was quite a pleasant surprise for Father Vrtanes Baghalyan, when his sons and daughter asked to participate in and help with the Liturgies. Petros, Soghomon and Seda started to learn sharakans along with mother… 


The Christmas is replete with pleasant surprises for the heros of the TV series “Little Acolytes”. For the first time ever, they went up the altar of the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin and attended Divine Liturgy with the Supreme Patriarch. The little acolytes tell about the unforgettable day.