Hakob (Artashat)

Hakob's Sunday begins in St. Hovhannes the Evangelist Church in Artashat. He wears a shirt and attends the liturgy. He lovingly takes care of the garden and waters the trees with his church friends.

Artur (Ararat)

Arthur looks forward to Sunday all week so he can go to the Church of the Holy Saviour in Ararat, put on a shirt and participate in the service. His daily life is full: he attends journalism, theater and pottery groups. He dreams of becoming an actor. He is convinced that whatever profession he chooses, he will always attend church.


Palm Sunday in Aruch

There is spiritual warmth in Aruch 
Every time Father Manuk Zeynalyan goes to Aruch, the church is filled with children. The Church of St. Gregory of Aruch is standing, but it is in a half-ruined state. The children dream that one day it will be restored and rainwater will not pour into the church. On Palm Sunday, Ter Manuk celebrated the liturgy and decorated the church with willow branches with the children.

Kajik (Aparan)

Kajik's routine changed when a friend offered to put on a shirt and go up to the altar with him. The shrine of the Holy Cross in Aparan is full of children. They willingly participate in the liturgy every Sunday. Kajik says that they are good friends. They play together, help each other, participate in pilgrimages.

Samvel from Saghmosavank

Samvel, a child scribe, dreams of becoming an architect and a clergyman. He visits Saghmosavank every Sunday, wears a shirt, helps the clergy and participates in the liturgy. In his free time, he reads and writes quatrains.


Rafik from Mrgavan dreams of entering the Gevergyan Seminary and becoming a clergyman. He has been attending St. Hovhannes church for already three years, wears a t-shirt, goes up to the altar, participates in liturgies. With Father Michael, they perform daily services, house blessings, and baptism rites.


Armina attends St. Hovhannes church in Arinj every Sunday with her parents. Participates in services, sings in the choir. During the 44-day war, they spent almost every day in the church. She learned to sing hymns, read psalms in the church and made new friends. Her daily life is full and interesting.


Raphael decided to become a priest. He wears a shirt with his friends in the St. Thaddeus church in Masis, goes up to the altar, participates in liturgies. Sundays are especially interesting. They clean the church with friends, sing hymns, later play outside the church.

Suren and Narek

Suren and Narek are brothers, they attend St. Anna Church in Yerevan every Sunday. Put on a t-shirt and go up to the altar. Suren decided to continue his studies in Jerusalem. Our film crew spent the day with Suren and Narek, discovering chess, hiking, pigeon care and much more in the boys' daily lives.

The scribes of Yeghegnadzor

The scribes of Holy Mother of God Church in ​Yeghegnadzor are preparing for liturgy, everyone knows what to do. They are the assistants of Father Nerses. Our film crew spent Sunday with the little scribes.


The scribes of Khor Virap are preparing for the New Year

This Sunday was different for the scribes and choir of Khor Virap monastery. They sang, danced, helped each other, lit the toaster, baked lavash and gatha. Our film crew witnessed a day full of family warmth and love.

Hayk and Davit

Davit and Hayk are brothers, they attend the Holy Mother of God Church in Marash every Sunday, putting on a t-shirt, going up to the altar. There is a pleasant tradition in the family to travel through Armenia and get to know churches that have not yet been discovered for them. The brothers' daily life is full: they do manual work, attend "Tumo", go for a walk with the children who moved to their home from Artsakh.