Sevak Shahbazyan

Trials and experiences of a military doctor
The chief surgeon of Yerevan, Sevak Shahbazyan, remembers the path of the military doctor with great enthusiasm and excitement. According to the doctor, every Armenian should be next to the army and soldiers. No reward can compare to the thanks of the mother of the surviving soldier. What trials did Sevak Shahbazyan overcome and what feelings did he have?

The Ghevondians, the devotees

The recipients of the "Ghevond Elder" medal of honor "During the war, it makes no difference whether you are a soldier or a clergyman"

During the 44-day war, the soldiers and clergy were not only with prayers, but also physically by the side of the soldiers. They encouraged and raised the fighting spirit of the soldiers. They are the worthy followers and warriors of Elder Ghevond. Clergymen who were awarded the "Ghevond Elder" high order of honor tell about their journey and comrades in arms.

Deacons of Dadivank

After November 9, 2020 the clergy of the Armenian Church did not stop their service in Dadivank. Despite all the difficulties and the ban on entering the monastery, the spiritual service continued in Dadivank. Today, the deacons who saw the siege and deportation remember with excitement every day they lived in Dadivank. They hope that one day the Armenian prayer will be heard again in the ancient shrine of Armenians. 


Dn. Vahe Mkrtchyan

Dn. Vahe Mkrtchyan was a spiritual Servant in Artsakh during the 44-day war. The deacon tells about the love and bravery of the soldiers.

Doctor Koryun Dallakyan

Koryun Dallakyan is a participant of the 44-day war, he is a surgeon.

Dn. Manavazd Mkrtchyan

During the 44-day war in 2020, Dn. Manavazd Mkrtchyan was a Spiritual Servant in Artsakh. "In those days, every meeting and conversation with the soldiers left an indelible mark." The spiritual servants shared the days of war and peace with the soldier.


Artak Gevorgyan, Military Doctor

Surgeon Artak Gevorgyan recalls the 44-day war. "They gave me leave for two days. My daughter wouldn't let me go back. That moment was more difficult than the previous days. It is your child, but another person's child is also waiting for you."


Dn. Karo Gharibyan

During the 44-day war, Dn. Karo Gharibyan served in Hadrut. Dn. Karo Gharibyan tells about war and peaceful days.


We are grateful- Doctor Taron Tonoyan

Dr. Taron Tonoyan participated in all wars in Artsakh. Even today he visits Artsakh with his colleagues and performs free surgeries.

We are grateful- Military Doctor Henrik Margaryan

After graduating from the Medical University, Henrik Margaryan went to serve in Artsakh, he was there during war and peace.

Karen Gasparyan- Musician

Died in 2022, in the defensive battles of the Nerkin Hand.

We are grateful- Susanna Margaryan, freedom fighter

Susanna Margaryan, freedom fighter
Died in 2022, in the battles for the defense of Jermuk.