Village Sipanik

Sipanik agriculturist Artak has established a model greenhouse of 1000 square meters.  He wants to spread his version of the greenhouse economy in the village.

Village Chobankyara

Farmer Abraham imported 20 varieties of tomatoes, cabbage and cucumbers from abroad.  "We have to go to the international market to import seeds and get new species thanks to our sun, water and soil," says Abraham, a farmer in Chobankyara village.

Arshaluys and Geghakert villages

"After the war we try to stand up ․ It is our land, and we are struggeling this way. " We visited Arshaluys and Geghakert villages of Armavir region. 




Dvin Village

"You have to talk to the soil, the soil and the tree are living organisms. If we treat it that way, the answer will not be late. " Our camera is in Dvin village.



Aknashen Village

The 4 farmers of Aknashen village.

Arevshat Village

We are in the village of Arevshat, famous for it's dried fruit. 


Areni Village

"When the boys look back and see light in the village, they will realize that their rear is strong." We are in the border Areni village.



"There is no easy work, we should work instead of complaining." The people of Urtsadzor tell our film crew.




Lusarat and Noyakert

The program "Land does not wait" was hosted in Noyakert and Lusarat villages of Ararat valley.

Ara Village

"You can't deceive the land, if you deceive, he will deceive too." Our film crew was hosted by the people of Ara village.  



Khoronk Village

Burial of gardens, greenhouses, burial of vines. Let's get acquainted with the preparation of the people of Khoronk for the winter.