“SHOGHAKAT” is a spiritual-cultural TV Company. The founder is the Armenian Apostolic Church. Shoghakatis broadcast 18 hours a day through Spiritual-Cultural Public TV channel and H1 satellite TV channel. The coverage area of the TV channel within the territory of the Republic of Armenia, makes 90 %.


Origin of “Shoghakat”


The history of Shoghakat TV Company starts from 1995, when the TV studio of the Diocese launched its activities in one of the rooms of the Primacy of Araratian Patriarchal Diocese with a staff of three people. The initiator and founder was the Vicar General, Karekin Archbishop Nersesian.


In its early years, the TV studio produced spiritual-ecclesiastical program, awareness-raising clips on holidays which were eagerly broadcast by all TV companies of Armenia. The demand for spiritual-ecclesiastical program was so great and their impact so visible, that the TV studio started recruiting staff and get technically equipped. Five years later, it was already functioning within the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin and was registered as “Shoghakat TV Company”.


The video materials produced by Shoghakat became distinguished specifically in 2001, when Armenia was celebrating 1700th anniversary of Christianity as it official religion.


In 2002, Shoghakat obtained a broadcasting license, and from November it was already functioning as a TV Company with an 18 hour air-time. Shoghakat started broadcastingeducational, cultural series alongside with its traditional ecclesiastical-spiritual program.


Shoghakat TV, with its focus on spiritual-cultural issues, banned itself, through its Charter, broadcasting advertisements of alcoholic drinks, lotteries, casinos, which were legally permitted by most of the other Armenian TV channels in those years. Within the scope of its own airing policy, local and foreign films propagating violence and horror were also prohibited.


Starting from 2004, Shoghakat TV broadcasts its own program by satellite channel of Armenian Public Television, in compliance with a mutually signed Contract.


Independent Armenia saw two attempts of establishing a cultural TV channel. Third attempt was made in 2010 when the new Law on Television and Radio Broadcasting forced the Armenian Public TV to establish a separate spiritual-cultural TV channel. The Government of Armenia took into consideration the experience of Shoghakat TV and offered the newly-established channel to sign a cooperationcontract. From 2011, Shoghakat started to be broadcast by the public spiritual-cultural TV channel, and hence launched the coverage of the cultural life of Armenia.


Our values and activities


Our activities are aimed at advocating Christian values, ethics and morality, and to cover Armenian and world culture. It is this mission that underlies all scientific-public multi-genre program on civilization, history, religions, nature, remarkable individuals, and also the coverage of national-ecclesiastical, public and cultural events.


What does “Shoghakat” offer?


The ecclesiastical and cultural eventsare being summarized into three weeklyreleases of news programme series with stable airing time, and areentitledEcclesiastical Life, Cultural Poster and Phonograph.


The pavilion programme series called Day 6, Third Millenium, Topicevolve discussions in the format of conversations covering a range of social, culturological, ethical issues of public interest.


Overall, there are 25 spiritual-religious, 15 cultural, 10 public and the same number of educational-children’s TV programme series, broadcast by Shoghakat.


Shoghakat TV Company places big priority on the production of documentary films about Armenian science and great artists.


The TV Company is constantly cooperating with international organizations functioning in Armenia. At the request of Yerevan Office of World Bank, World Vision Armenia, WCC Armenia Round Table Foundation, Eurasia Partnership Foundation and other international organizations, a number of documentary, awareness, and cognitive video-films were produced.


In its airtime, Shoghakat has always placed high importance to educational, cognitive program and propagating high value music to foster the establishment of society.


From 2011, Shoghakat also broadcasts cultural video-films produced by the European broadcasters owing to the partnership signed by the European Culture Channel Arte and the channel Spiritual Cultural Public Television Company (Closed Joint-Stock Company).


“Shoghakat” TV airs films of local and foreign production, as well as concerts.


The web-site of the TV Company chiefly reflects the daily air of “Shoghakat”, with the exception of motion pictures, documentaries and concerts which are not licensed to broadcast outside Armenia.


The TV Company is managed by the Creative Board. Executive Director is Mania Ghazaryan.