Batik, felt, organic cosmetics, cousine, dolls: the handicraft of Armenian masters makes part of the Armenian thought and culture. Whatever they make, they all have national handwriting, smell and taste. However different their work and product is, one look is quite enough to understand it’s made in Armenia.   
Periodicity – every Friday, at 10:40

Adele's "Art Dolls"

Adel Yeremyan was an economist by profession, one day she wanted to do more than count.  Her husband bought the doll she liked and the "Adele Doll Story" began.

Potter Shahe Harutyunyan

Potter Shahe Harutyunyan's workshop breathes Armenianness.  miniature, architecture, sculpture, ornament.  Shahe mixes his thoughts with the symbolic details of Armenian art and gets his manuscript.

HayAr Jewelry

Making jewelry out of obsolete capsules is a unique message of peace, but a dignified peace. "What I am doing is really a struggle, a universal call for peace, maybe even the inner peace that we all need today." Artak Tadevosyan and his wife Hayarpi founded the HayAr Jewelry brand yet in 2011.




"QaylTech" LLC was founded in 2016, after the April war. The founding kinesiologists, when helping the disabled, make sure that the treatment in the rehabilitation center alone is not enough; sitting in a wheelchair for a long time causes various diseases. Now the "QaylTech" guys have created stands, walking stands, walking exoskeletons.




Tanya and David have been engaged in galvanoplasty for 5 years already. Ordinary natural dry leaves are cultivated and covered with copper. The leaves of oak, poplar, grape and laurel become pendants.



Art Socks

Giving each others socks is not very common in Armenia. The authors of the Art Socks project have decided to fill that gap and make presenting socks a tradition.  The socks have fragments of works by famous artists, and the special frames in which the socks are packed complete the design of the product.

Bags made of aluminum can tabs. Distinto

Aluminum soft drink can tabs can be turned into bags and other accessories if they fall into the hands of Narine Grigoryan.




Christmas Ritual Puppets

Traditional puppets, Kaghand grandfather, khlvliks and aralezes have been transformed into new puppets today. Puppet makers show how to do it, preserving the sacrament and content of folk rituals of Christmas.

Nune Chukhajyan

At present, felting is widespread in Armenia. Nune Chukhajyan is doing art work in this type of craft. Works with various methods, such as nuno felting, felt drawing, and ecoprinting. She makes jackets, scarves, bags, hats and accessories.


Mamikon Mikayelyan, Ashot Mikayelyan

Mamikon and Ashot Mikayelyans are artists, sculptors and fond of experiments. They work with diverse materials: copper, silver, stone, wood. They even treat jewelry like a sculpture. The twin brothers work together, discuss, argue, agree, eventually producing such works which satisfy them both.


Aram Muradyan

Aram is an animator by profession. In addition, he makes furniture from anything he comes across - old furniture, old iron pieces, TV screens, old beds. "The material does not matter, the important thing is to see what can it turn to, and I do see that." 
It is like a sense of victory for Aram and his brother Hayk when they make something out of nothing.

Heghnar Petrosyan

Heghnar Petrosyan inhales a second life to flowers by making decorations with dried flowers. She tries to get flower collages with the help of plants growing in Armenia and picture the nature of Armenia.