Easter dishes

We offer alternative ways of preparing Easter dishes: trout stuffed with spinach and pilaf with raisins cooked in lavash.

Anush soup, breakfast with tahini, salad with peas

Traditional cuisine offers one dish for each day of Holy Week. We prepare Anush soup, tahini breakfast and Pea salad from Ayntap cuisine.

Berekh (Hamshen pie)

We have prepared a more spring dish - Berekh pie.


In the traditional cuisine there are different toppings with vegetable raw materials. Topik means ball or round. How to make balls with modern solutions?  Watch the video.



Fasting Pakhlava

You can also find a recipe for Lent pakhlava in our kitchen. Watch, prepare and taste. 

Median Day (Mijink) Gata

A special place in the church calendar is the 24th day of Lent, which divides the period of fasting and is called the Median Day (Mijink). Be aware that fasting is not intermeted on that day. We suggest making Mijink gata with fasting ingredients.

Marash dolma cooked in pumpkin

During the Lent, there is dolma, but which is not the known fasting dolma. Dolma with peas cooked in pumpkin. The unique dish of the Armenians of Marash in the "Fasting Kitchen" program.  Watch the method of preparation in the video.

Lent Harissa and Khurjin Appetizer

Harissa with walnuts
Harissa can be prepared not only with meat, but also with white vegetables and nuts. The white vegetable, white couscous harissa, also known as Mariamachash, was considered one of the main Christmas dishes.
Appetizer Khurjin or Bokhcha
Khurjin, in traditional cuisine, is a dish of the day, as the main ingredient is lamb. And how to make vegetable sacks?

Salad Aylazan and Dessert Kolondrak

Soup Aylazan is well known to everyone but how is the salad Aylazan made? Kolondrak is a delicious dessert, it has both festive and fasting options.  Watch the ingredients and the method of preparation in the video.

Mshosh soup of Van and Black pearl dessert

Vana Mshosh is one of the recipes of Van's rich cuisine. The word originated from the abbreviation of the word apricot. The main ingredient is lentils.  This black pearl is a dessert made from honey, peas and dried fruits. Watch the recipes and preparation method in the video.


Achapa - a fasting dish from Hamshen cuisine.  Prepared by Ishkhan Oganezov, chef of "Agape" restaurant. Watch the recipe and preparation in the video.