Nuns- an undercover life

With the abolition of convents in the 20th century, the tradition of women's spiritual service died out in Armenia. That tradition was restored in 2018, when a monastery was founded in Ghazaravan community of Aragatsotn diocese. Women were given the opportunity to separate themselves and lead a spiritual life. In the Ghazaravan monastery, the ancient tradition that was broken in our country about a century ago is being restored.


November 4, 1999- Consecration of Catholicos of All Armenians Karekin II

November 4, 1999- Consecration of Catholicos of All Armenians Karekin II

The powerful sanctities of the Armenian Church and the Blessing of the Holy Muron

Muron is blessed with three important sanctuaries of the Armenian Church: the relic of Christ's cross, Holy Lance of Geghard and the Holy Right of Patriarch Gregory the Illuminator. Thousands of pilgrims come to Holy Etchmiadzin on the days of Blessing of the Holy Muron. They come not only to participate in the sacred ceremony, but also to communicate with these exceptional sanctities, they are brought out together only on the day of the blessing of the dead.

Holy Tuesday

Holy Tuesday

Holy Wednesday

Holy Wednesday

Paternal House

The Gevorgian Theological Seminary of Holy Etchmiadzin is the only Theological University operating in Armenia. In 2002, by the decision of the Government of Armenia, the Gevorgian Theological Seminary was recognized as a higher educational institution, and since 2005, taking into account the quality of the educational programs, the seminary was granted a higher educational institution license. In 2016, for the first time in the history of the Seminary, a post-graduate classroom was opened, where both people with a spiritual degree and secular people can be admitted.
Throughout its existence, the Gevorgian Seminary and its students have always enjoyed the care and concern of the Patriarchs of All Armenians.

Sunrise Service

Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin, 02.03.2022

Holy Nativity of Arev-children

The Arev-children decorate the yard of Holy Mother of God Zoravor Yerevan Church. One of them, Narek, who is the only young man with Down Syndrome who can provide school services during liturgies, invited our film crew to his home-studio.

Good News of Holy Nativity

The "Vark Hayots" traditional song and dance group permirmance. 

Renovation of the Mother Cathedral of Holy Etchmiadzin

The project for the renovation and strengthening of the Mother Cathedral in 2013 is being agreed with UNESCO. The fresco restoration research center is beginning to study the temple frescoes.  In 2017  the construction work begins in the summer. In the film shot at the end of 2021, the head of the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin, the chief architect of the Mother See, and the author of the fresco restoration project represent the process of repairing the Holy Etchmiadzin, surprises, completed and expected works.

Ghazaravan monastery

The Ghazaravan women priory is still the only one in Armenia. It was founded a few years ago with the blessing of His Holiness Karekin II, Catholicos of All Armenians, and Primate of the Aragatsotn Diocese, His Grace Bishop Mkrtich. Some of the nuns have been living a monastic life since the early 2000s. In Ghazaravan, the nuns already have a household and are able to support themselves with a part-time job.

Through Prayer

Grandmother Burastan's house is in the village of Apna. In more than eighty years of life, she does not remember a day that she did not go to church.  She remembers the prayer she heard from her mother. She says that a day should start with a prayer.