Armenian Diocese of Romania: Armenian Trace

The program is about the Armenian communities and Churches of Botosani, Iasi, Romani, Tîrgu Ocna, Galati, Braila, Focsani, Pitesti and Constanta, and presents the parish life. These cities are situated in Romanian Moldova and Valahia regions. Catholic Armenians and Churches of Transilvania are also noted.

With Love and Faith

In 2013, the Holy Transfiguration Cathedral of the Armenian Diocese of New Nakhijevan and Russia was consecrated. Ruben Grigoryan is one of those benefactors residing in Moscow who provided crucial support to the construction activities of the Holy Transfiguration Cathedral. He is the CEO of Rutsog Invest. The Company assumed the construction works of the Church from 2006. In the film, the employees tell about the process of Church construction, their enthusiasm, and stimula of faith and success of overall initiative.

Star of Christmas

What would happen were the family of the Child the Christ to knock at the doors and ask for shelter? How do we experience the Christmas?

New Year Preparations in Gevorkian Theological Seminary

Cheerful mood, lights, songs. Pre-holiday air is in full swing in Gevorkian Theological Semonary. Some are busying themselves with decorating the Seminary, others are preparing the New Year program. “The Seminary is the very heart of Etchmiadzin, if it beats healthily, then Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin is still viable”, - believes the Dean of Seminary Bishop Gevorg Saroyan.

New Year in the Family of Priest

How does the family of the priest meet the New Year and Christmas? How does the hero of our program, Father Paruyr, choose presents for his three children and wife? What is the miracle of Christmas for his family?

Deacon Davit Chetenkaya

Fourth Auditorium for priest education is being established in Gevorkian Theological Seminary. It allows entities with higher education to perform priestly services. Deacon Davit Cheteynkayan is from Istanbul. He came to the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin to fulfill his dream. Alongside with his education, Deacon Davit also sows garments for priests.

Witnesses of Faith

The film is about the history of Armenian Diocese in Russia and Nor Nakhijevan, Armenian-Russian historical and church relations, as well as about the construction of Diocesan Church Complex of Moscow.

The Mystery of Khaz Notation

The history doesn't say much about ancient Armenian church melodies, including khazer, in particular, how were the Armenian spiritual songs notated before the 8 th century, if ever. Khaz notations were created in the 8th century, and as a means of notation, lasted till the 8th century and forgotten at a later stage. The biggest investment in the efforts to find the key to khazer was made by Komitas Vardapet. A significant part of manuscrips recorded in khaz continue to remain illegible up till now.

The Path of the Holy Bible

The Gospel printed in Constantinopole in 1710, was traditionally called "Papei Narek". Often it was mistakingly accepted as Narekatsi's "Matyan". Many were surprise to discover it as the Bible. The miraculous book went through a long and spectacular path before finding its final destination. The participants of the program tell about the path crossed by the Gospel of Constantinople and the miracles. The settlements and families, where the Gospel travelled, are also included.

Window to Heaven

The TV program is about the portrait of one of the Armenian Church Nuns. Nelly Harutyunyan lives in Harichavank. She tells us about her feelings and life-style while pursuing her favorite work – icon painiting.


What is the Christian meaning of sacrifice? What can be sacrificed and for what sake? How is the sacrifice perceived among us? Explanations are provided by the priest of the Armenian patriarchate of Constantinople Father Zaccheus Ohanian.

Man of God

The parish of Aparan city is one of the oldest and most powerful spiritual communities of the independent Armenia. It was founded in 1990-ies, by Deacon Edward Frangulyan. He is an architect by profession, and leaving his wife and children in Yerevan, he moved to his native land – Aparan to dedicate almost ten years of his life to the establishment of the local Church. Due to his efforts, the Church Surb Khach (Holy Cross) of Aparan, dated IV century, was renovated. During the TV program, his students, present Pastor of Aparan and his widow share their recollections about Deacon Edward.