Avetis -  God told Noah to take pairs of all animals – a boy and a girl, a boy and a girl.
Arpi   - But what if they eat each other?
Avetis – No, God will not allow that happen.
The wise thoughts of the Bible are for everyone, all times and all ages.
The TV series “Little Stories from the Bible” is the first introduction of Avetis and Arpi to the Holy Scriptures and their TV experience of telling their first impressions to their coevals. 

The Temptation of Jesus in the Desert

Arsine – Look, how tortured is Jesus from the heat, and he didn’t eat anything for forty days…
Misak – Yes, but still he won’t betray the God and believe in the promises of Satan, will be? 
Arsine – No way. The Satan is too far from faith.


Story of Zaccheus

Girl – See, Jesus says: Zaccheus, quick, get down, I must spend the night at your house. 
Boy – But there are so many other good and honest people around, why does Jesus go just to his house? It’s not fair!
Girl – Yes, even people don’t quite approve it. But don’t rush, let’s see what will happen next.


Jonah in the Belly of a Fish

Girl: Jonah tells everything; he says that the storm was because of him and the sailors will throw him away into the sea. 
Boy: But they aren’t going to throw him into the sea, are they? 
Girl: They did it!
Boy: Oh, I don’t believe it! Is he drowning? 
Girl: I don’t remember, let’s watch…


Prophet Elijah

Mher: Everything has dried out…
Dona: Because of King Ahab. He’s got so angry, so angry, that not a single drop of rain falls from sky, and all the waters have dried out.
Mher: If people ask, would God help them?
Dona: He helps even without asking? See?!

Joseph – Ruler of Egypt

Dona: Joseph explains his dream with God’s help. He says that seven years will be years of full harvest, and the following seven years nothing will grow.
Mher: What if the Pharaoh gets mad at Joseph?
Dona: Of course he won’t! He just tells him to rule over the whole matter himself.


David and Goliath

Dona: David through away his armours.
Mher: Then how is he going to defeat giant Goliath?
Dona: With God’s help using his sling.
Mher: With a stone? Come on, ha-ha-ha.
Dona: Look now! See?!


Jealous Brothers

Mher: … what is Joseph saying?
Dona: He is telling them how he was gathering crops and how his brothers’ bundles suddenly bowed to him.
Mher: I wouldn’t tell them anything if I were him. Look, look, how they murmur, they think of hurting Joseph.
Dona: Poor Joseph…


Ten Commandments of God

Mher: Did you hear that? He said he wouldn’t remember it all. I won’t remember either. Maybe.
Dona: And Moses says, that the most important thing is to love God and each other, if you love, you’ll live right even without remembering them.


Abraham and Isaac

AVETIS: There is a story about Abraham, a bit sad and scary one.
ARPI: A scary one? Maybe I shoudn’t listen?
AVETIS: No, no, listen, it ends well...


The Creation of the Universe

AVETIS: God said let there be light.
ARPI: He said and it happened?
ARPI: Then...


Expulsion from Paradise

ARPI: Oh, no, no, don’t listen to that liar Satan!
AVETIS: Oh, no, no, don’t eat, don’t eat!
ARPI, AVETIS: He/she ate it, they ate it…


The Promise of God

AVETIS: God promised Abraham that he was going to have many-many descendants.
ARPI: How many, more than stars?
AVETIS: Noo, as many as there are stars….