Avetis -  God told Noah to take pairs of all animals – a boy and a girl, a boy and a girl.
Arpi   - But what if they eat each other?
Avetis – No, God will not allow that happen.
The wise thoughts of the Bible are for everyone, all times and all ages.
The TV series “Little Stories from the Bible” is the first introduction of Avetis and Arpi to the Holy Scriptures and their TV experience of telling their first impressions to their coevals. 

Abraham and Isaac

AVETIS: There is a story about Abraham, a bit sad and scary one.
ARPI: A scary one? Maybe I shoudn’t listen?
AVETIS: No, no, listen, it ends well...


The Creation of the Universe

AVETIS: God said let there be light.
ARPI: He said and it happened?
ARPI: Then...


Expulsion from Paradise

ARPI: Oh, no, no, don’t listen to that liar Satan!
AVETIS: Oh, no, no, don’t eat, don’t eat!
ARPI, AVETIS: He/she ate it, they ate it…


The Promise of God

AVETIS: God promised Abraham that he was going to have many-many descendants.
ARPI: How many, more than stars?
AVETIS: Noo, as many as there are stars….


Jacob’s Return

ARPI: Why is Jacob so sad, has he recollected Esau?
AVETIS: Yes, he missed him so much!
ARPI: I wonder if Esau will forgive him…


Cain and Abel

ARPI: Who’s crying there, is that Eve?
AVETIS: No, Cain was born.
ARPI: From where?
AVETIS: From where, from where… from Adam and Eve.


Tower of Babel

AVETIS: These are constructors, they want to build a tall tower, higher than this mountain.
ARPI: For what, to live in it?
AVETIS: Oh, no, they want to reach the sky, for God to see them and be surprised.
ARPI: But will He be surprised?


Exit from Egypt

ARPI: Hey, see, the sea was divided, what’s this?
AVETIS: God helped Moses to leave Egypt, but Moses needs to hurry for the Pharaoh might change his mind…


The Twins

AVETIS: Rebekah loves Jacob, while Isaac – Esau.
ARPI: That’s not fair…
ARPI: It’s such a bad thing to be blind!
AVETIS: And what about cheating?
ARPI: I’m not cheating!


The Great Flood

AVETIS: God told Noah to gather a pair of all animals – boy-girl, boy-girl.
ARPI: Won’t they eat each other?
AVETIS: Noo, God will not allow…



AVETIS: The Pharaoh has commanded to kill small children of all Jews.
ARPI: Is he crazy?
AVETIS: He is wicked and coward, he is scared that Jews will outnumber them and conquer Egypt.
ARPI: So what are they going to do?


Moses and Pharaoh

ARPI: What, is it that only slaves workin Egypt?
AVETIS: Oh, yes, and it’s not enough that only they work, they are constantly being whipped.
ARPI: Let them run away, can’t they do that?
AVETIS: They can’t if God doesn’t help them...