Waiting for Christmas in Chknagh

The children of Chknagh village have gathered and are eagerly waiting for Christmas.

Palm Sunday in Meghradzor

The people of Meghradzor were joined by people from neighboring villages. The children participate in Palm Sunday with their own made ritual dolls.


Our film crew spent a day with the children of Akunk village in the Kotayk region, with the help of them to discover St. Poghos Petros Church.


Want to know about Yenokavan teenagers? Join our film crew on a visit to the village.

Nerkin Bazmaberd

When listening to the children of Nerkin Bazmaberd, it seems that you are listening to "Sasna Tsrer". Listening carefully, it turns out that they are talking about their daily lives.


The daily life of the children of Noratus changed when the Holy Mother of God Church was consecrated. The children gladly accompany our film crew to the favorite sanctuaries of their native village.


Our film crew spent the day with the children of the #Kosh village.


The children of Garni village are our guide. They tell about the sanctuaries, sights, bake gata and invite everyone who wants to.


There is no operating church in Yeghegis, the children of the village unite and regularly go to Smbataberd. Roadblocks are easy to overcome when interest is high. The children accompany the tourists, tell about the sanctuaries of the village and the surrounding areas.


We are in the community of Holy Cross Church in Aparan. We were greeted by young people and children.


The children of Lusagyugh were united by the daily life of Virivank.


Karaglukh lives a new life after the reopening of the church, the role of the children's choir in the life of the village is special.