Old Band

Formed by young people since 2014, the "Old Band" presents unique developments of Armenian folk music. The musical quartet, enriching the works known to us with harmonious and rhythmic aspects, strives to get a choral sound.

"New Quintet" Band

 Five musicians who have passed a unique creative way have united and formed the "New Quintet" band. In the "Experiment Room" it is an attempt to enrich Armenian jazz with new colors and author's works.

"Tmbata" group

Traditional music is provided by "Tmbata" under the direction of Arik Grigoryan with new means and instruments.

"Nairyan" vocal ensemble

"Nairyan" vocal ensemble was founded in 2015 within the framework of cultural programs of Mughdusian Art Center. The young performers came together to popularize Komitas music, the national classical music. The polyphonic ensemble sings mainly acapella compositions, there are performances that are accompanied by clarinet, percussion and other musical instruments. One of the biggest achievements of the ensemble is the presentation of songs in sign language. They have already decoded dozens of Komitas and national works with gestures.




"Chamich" Group

Clarinet player Konstantin Abgaryants has been involved in music since an early age, he has performed in various orchestras, but to realize his own ideas he created his own group - "Chamich".

"Katil" band

The famous and unknown songs of different Armenian provinces are presented by the boys of "Katil" band with new instrumentation and means of expression.

"Vark Hayots" traditional song and dance group

"Vark Hayots" traditional song and dance group tries to bring back the traditional song and dance, to bring to life the forgotten rituals and traditions.

"Hay Music" band

Their voices replace musical instruments. This vocal band is unique in Armenia, formed by the Yuri Bakhshyan Children's Philharmonic Orchestra of Yerevan Municipality. According to the "Hay Music" band, each song is performed in a unique way.



Military Orchestra of the Ministry of Defense

The military orchestra of the first days of the formation of our army is present at all state official ceremonies, greeting and departing on the country's diplomatic faces, creating a unique atmosphere during solemn events. In addition to the Mandaries, the Madrid Orchestra. In addition to the anthems and national anthems, they make classical and modern works and transportation.



Hovhannes Tumanyan State Puppet Theater

Experiments, decor craft workshops, puppets and Grimm making rooms. The film crew of the "Experation Room" was in all the famous and unknown angles of the Puppet Theater, to record the return of the background.



Children's Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra Meer over deze brontekstBrontekst vereist voor aanvullende vertaalinformatie Feedba

The chamber orchestra of teenagers and youth was founded 22 years ago in the Yuri Bakhshyan Children's Philharmonic Orchestra of Yerevan Municipality. The future musicians learn from an early age to discover the secrets of orchestral art, gain stage experience, get acquainted with the elders of the music world. 



Jag Bambir part 1

Jag, one of the most famous figures in Armenian folk rock, talks about his journey, friends and the songs he wrote. Presents old and unrecorded songs.