Ordination of scribes of Ijevan

The children who have been wearing T-shirts for a long time were looking forward to the ordination scribes ...



Little scribes in the Old Residence

The heroes of the "Little Scribes" program were hosted by the Patriarch of All Armenians at the Old Residence.



Acolytes of Odzun

It was quite a pleasant surprise for Father Vrtanes Baghalyan, when his sons and daughter asked to participate in and help with the Liturgies. Petros, Soghomon and Seda started to learn sharakans along with mother… 


The Christmas is replete with pleasant surprises for the heros of the TV series “Little Acolytes”. For the first time ever, they went up the altar of the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin and attended Divine Liturgy with the Supreme Patriarch. The little acolytes tell about the unforgettable day. 

Narek of St. Hovhannes Church

Narek dreams to become a world chess champion. We met him in St. Hovhannes Church of Yerevan. He goes to church every Sunday, wears vest and takes part in the Divine Liturgy. 

Palm Sunday in Holy Trinity Church

Palm Sunday or Tsakhkazard is one of the most awaited feasts of little acolytes. Holy Trinity Church of Yerevan os also crowded this day. Our little heroes told us gladly how they spent their day. 


Yura doesn’t imagine his day without St. Gevorg Church. “Every morning I first run to the Church, then to school… I dream of becoming a priest; I know that I need to study well”. 


Every Sunday, little Agnesa is singing in the choir of St. Hovhannes Church of Arinj. 
Our little heroe is telling how she coped with the issues of sharakans (spiritual songs), how she attends Liturgies and what she does in general. 

Acolytes of Talin

Edmon, Rafayel and Martun became friend in the church; every Sunday they attend Divine Liturgy in St. Gevork Church or Talin, or St. Hovhannes Church of Mastara. In the beginning I was alone, and it was harder, - says 6-years old Edmon, but when Rafayel and Martun came to the church, it became more interesting and fun. 

Armen from Holy Trinity Church

“First I put on “shabig (alb), and only after that – my father. I taught him all the songs”. Our hero is the little acolyte of Yerevan Holy Trinity Church Armen. 


“I am grateful to my granny, if it wasn’t her to take me to the Church, I would never meet such great friends”. Our hero is the little acolyte of Yerevan St. Gregory the Illuminator Church Razmik. 

Palm Sunday (Tsaghkazard)

16 little acolytes serving in different churches of Armenia spent the Feast of Tsaghkazard in the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin to attend the Divine Liturgy in the Mother See, meet the Supreme Patriarch and exchange presents. How did they get ready for that day and what did they experience, the little acolytes tell themselves.