February 12

Give up your sins and talk to God

One of the best admonitions to start a fast is to wash, clean and give up all evil deeds. There is no other way to go to prison: you have to give up your sins and enter into a conversation with the master, so that the master will cleanse the sins.

Rev. Fr. Arnak Harutyunyan speaks on this.

(12 First day of Great Lent. Isa. 1:16-20.)


February 13

People rejected God to continue sinning

He who rejects Jesus rejects his own salvation. Jesus is the salvation of many and the downfall of many. He who does not want to know Jesus will not be known by the son of God. The one who does not follow him will not reach eternal life. It is for this reason that not knowing Jesus is the cause of many people's destruction.

Rev. Fr. Movses Sahakyan speaks on this.

(13 Second day of Great Lent: Ezek. 18.20-23: )


February 14

The Lord is looking for you every second and every moment

And how to find God? You must find the Lord by abounding in your love, compassion for your neighbor and your piety. The Lord cannot be found in quarrels and hatred. You can find the Lord only in love.

Rev. Fr. Tigran Badiryan speaks on the sacrament of the day.

(14 † Mon. Third day of Great Lent. PRESENTATION OF OUR LORD TO THE TEMPLE. Isa. 24.21-25.8: Acts. 7.47-50: Gal. 4.1-7: Luk. 2.41-52: )


February 15

Fear for sin, but live for God

Apostle Paul says: transform your death, die not because of sin, but be dead to sin. Do not let sin find you, enter you. Instead, stay alive for God. Serve God, just keep his word.

Rev. Fr. Movses Sahakyan speaks on this.

(15 Fourth day of Great Lent: Rom. 6:3-14: )


February 16

How to be like God?

God answered this question: you must love your neighbor as you love yourself. During these days of Great Lent, the Lord urges us to love ourselves and not to love the idea of ourselves, but to love the likeness of God in us, the ability to love, hope and believe.

Rev. Fr. Tigran Badiryan speaks on this (16 Fifth day of Great Lent.  6.4-7.10: Job. 6.2-7.13: Isa. 40.1-8.)

February 17

What matters is the giver of wisdom

It is necessary not only to see the Lord's grace and gift in our life, but also to go forward and see the one who gives the gift. Being with the Lord is beneficial for the salvation of the soul and the right path of life.

Rev. Father Arnak Harutyunyan speaks on this.

(17 Sixth day of Great Lent. Saint Theodore the Tyron. Wis: 8.19-9.5: Isa. 62.6-9: Rom. 8.28-39: Matt. 10.16-22.)

February 18

Be perfect as God is
To love means to sanctify. To love someone means to eliminate the evil from him, and to do that, you must first eliminate it from yourself. Love yourself and the other person. If your love is to be like that of the Pharisees and the scribes, who love only those who love themselves, how should you differ?
Rev. Fr. Movses Sahakyan speaks on the sacrament of the day.
(18 † Sun. Second Sunday of Great Lent. Sunday of the Expulsion. Luk. 4.43-5.11. Isa. 33.2-22. Rome. 12.1-13.10. Matt. 5:17-48. )


February 11

Does Lent have a meaning of joy or mourning?
Jesus says when you fast anoint your head and wash your face. Fasting is for God, not for people. Fasting has a sense of mourning, because you are fasting for your sins, but it is also an occasion for joy, because you realize that you are going to ask God for forgiveness.
Fr. Movses Sahakyan speaks on this (11 † Sun. Eve of Great Lent. Isa. 58.1-14: Rom. 13.11-14.25: Matt. 6.1-21.

February 10

Open your hearts wide
Regardless of tension and distress, one should open the heart to the word of the master. Especially in these days, when due to the state of the country, everyone has reason and reason to be sad, one should open the heart, because the word of God is life-giving.
Rev. Fr. Arnak Harutyunyan speaks on this.

Sacrament of the day

What are we striving for?
"Blessed are those who are hungry now, for they shall be filled." A person in this world constantly strives for transient things, not thinking about eternity. There are two realities in the world: transitory and eternal. Transient reality paves two paths to nothingness and eternity.

Sacrament of the day

Where do we come from and where are we going?

Next to honesty and purity there is always fraud and violence. Being a Christian in this world means being persecuted and suffering for the truth. That persecution is not an end in itself, it is an important aspiration to be like the master. Rev. Fr. Tigran Badiryan speaks on the sacrament of the day (Fast Day: Tit. 3.1-15: John 8.21-30: )

Sacrament of the day

Get ready to see the light

"I am the light of the world. whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will receive the light of life.' The eyes must be prepared to see the light, the truth. The Lord's light is not in judgment and criticism, but in love.
Rev. Fr. Tigran Badiryan speaks on the sacrament of the day (Fast Day: Tit. 1.12-2.10: John. 8.12-20: )