Suren Kocharyan

Some called his art literary estrada, some - reciting. Actually, Suren Kocharyan was the founder of one-actor theatre. 

Hakob Mndzuri

Hakob Mndzuri is the latest Western Armenian writer. In 1915, Mndzuri left for Constantinople for a short time, but never returned to the village Armtan. Days after he left, his parents, wives and four children were killed. He wrote about the village Armtan in Yerznka province for all his life. The first book was published when he was very old. His prose was a revelation in Armenian literature. Today, Mndzuri is perceived as one of the greatest Armenian prose writers.

Stepan Zoryan

Stepan Zoryan's works are one of the best pages of the Armenian prose. Stepan Zoryan, as a member of the Teryan’s school of literature, is the bearer and applier of pure Armenian language. The author of the best novels of Armenian literature - "The Armenian Fortress", "King Pap" and "Varazdat" is also a genius representative of a small-scale prose. His other courageous deed was the unsurpassable translation of Lev Tolstoy's novel "War and Peace".
Zoryan is sometimes blamed for not protecting his colleagues during the stalinist violence. Meanwhile, he himself had to be concerned himself ...


Alexander Myasnikyan

By the efforts of Alexander Myasnikyan, Lori and Zangezur remained within the Soviet Armenia. He never signed the decision of Stalin on leaving Karabakh as part of Azerbaijan. The most prominent Armenian military and state figure came to the homeland exhausted from hunger and typhus, and was able to put the country's economy into development, reconcile those who became hostile because of civil war, invited many prominent Armenian scientists and artists to Armenia to rebuild the country with joint efforts. His life ended with tragic death, in which Stalin and Beria were suspected.