Jesus calms the storm

Jesus is always so calm. Because he is not afraid, he believes! The storm will calm down. Oh, you will see.


John the Baptist knew something no one else did. I wonder what-  whether the planet Earth is round or that the whale is the largest animal.? Well, I don't think so, I know them too…



Jesus calms the storm

Misak - There is a wedding in Cana - fun, joy. Arsine - Yes, Jesus is also invited. Misak - Guests drink, dance and eat. Arsine - And drink, dance and eat again until ... Misak" - Until when? Arsine - Before the wine runs out. Misak - Oh, what are they going to do?




The Temptation of Jesus in the Desert

Arsine – Look, how tortured is Jesus from the heat, and he didn’t eat anything for forty days…
Misak – Yes, but still he won’t betray the God and believe in the promises of Satan, will be? 
Arsine – No way. The Satan is too far from faith.


Good News

Girl – Look, that’s Archangel Gabriel!
Boy – The one bringing the good news? 
Girl – Yes, that’s what it has come down. To tell about the special plan of God. 
Boy – The most special, important and main one?   
Girl – Yes, the most-most….


Jonah in the Belly of a Fish

Girl: Jonah tells everything; he says that the storm was because of him and the sailors will throw him away into the sea. 
Boy: But they aren’t going to throw him into the sea, are they? 
Girl: They did it!
Boy: Oh, I don’t believe it! Is he drowning? 
Girl: I don’t remember, let’s watch…


Cain and Abel

ARPI: Who’s crying there, is that Eve?
AVETIS: No, Cain was born.
ARPI: From where?
AVETIS: From where, from where… from Adam and Eve.