Victor Hambardzumyan

The most prominent Armenian scientist of the 20th century, astrophysicist Victor Hambardzumyan.



Herluf Bidstrup

Herluf Bidstrup is a Danish cartoonist, one of the best representatives of the 20th century cartoon and animation.


What is virtue - a way of life, a way of thinking or a divine grace?  The guests of the program talk about the ideas that have guided humanity on the path of wisdom.

Winston Churchill

Biography of the legendary English politician Winston Churchill.

Tigran Petrosyan

Biography of the 9th world chess champion Tigran Petrosyan.



Alexey Hekimyan

Alexey Hekimyan- general composer of the Police.

Hovhannes Baghramyan

Prominent Armenian military commander, Marshal of the Soviet Union Hovhannes Baghramyan.

Yerevan: Memory and Reality

Vahan Kochar, Narek Duryan, Ara Galoyan, Harutyun Movsisyan, Anna Hekekyan, Hovhannes Yeranyan tell about "Paplovok", "Skvaznichok", "Temurnots", "Kapeyka" - the cafes of Soviet Yerevan, and also the dishes they prefered in those cafes and the cafe culture of Yerevan.

Leonard Bernstein

“The only power that forces me to make music is the happiness of dealing with people, as I love people as much as I love music, if not more”. Life and creative path of conductor, composer, pedagogue Leonard Berstein in the format of encyclopedia.

Martiros Saryan

Martiros Saryan wrote about his seventy years of creative life as follows: “I am not satisfied with what I do, I strive for more creative simplicity, so that when people look at my painting, they feel as if they went outside for fresh air and they breath the joy. If the painting doesn’t excite and bring positive feelings about, then it misses what’s most important –the eternal breath of life. I seek to transfer the feeling of happiness for living”.

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The lonely hero sitting in the train takes an imaginary jump into another time and space, and through the nature and personal contemplations returns to the same concrete reality with a certain finding…
“At the dawn, through this concrete city”
The dewy Holy Mother of God has passed…”
“Clean, so clean, oh my Lord,
Unto You
Silently, calmly I come today…”
Nshan Abasyan’s poems sound in the film.