Hovhannes Isakov

During the entire history of the USSR, only three people were awarded the title of admiral. The third one is Hovhannes Isakov, an Armenian born in a land without a sea.

Karo Halabyan

Famous Soviet-Armenian architect Karo Halabyan.

Arpenik Nalbandyan

Painter Arpenik Nalbandyan was destined for a short path, the artist's life was taken by a serious illness. Nevertheless, Arpenik Nalbandyan was destined to become one of the most humane artists of her time. She was destined to be temporarily forgotten and rediscovered half a century after her death.


In the 9th century, Princess Mariam Bagratuni promised to build 40 churches in her husband's memory. She built four monasteries in Gegharkunik, one in the most difficult place, on an incomparably large Sevan Island. The monastery becomes a powerful place of worship.
Today's Sevan Peninsula is presented to you in the film "Sevanavank" with its little-known but very valuable corners.

Avetik Isahakyan

Until the end of his life, even during the years of Soviet atheism and violence, Isahakyan did not cut ties with the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin.  The Gevorkian Theological Seminary was decisive in the fate of the poet․ He wrote his first poems while studying here. He received the first word of praise and encouragement from the Seminary teacher, poet Hovhannes Hovhannisyan.

Makar Yekmalyan

First, a student of the seminary, then teacher Yekmalyan was the first to note down the Armenian church song, the hymn, the liturgy.  He polyphoned both the Armenian folk songs and the liturgy, which is still performed in the Armenian Apostolic Church.

Church of Bjni

Armenian sanctuaries- Holy Mother of God Church in Bjni.

Hovhannavank Monastery

Armenian sanctuaries - Hovhannavank Monastery. 

The invisible heroes of art

The story of the salvation of a painting by Martiros Saryan.

The foundation of the Seminary. Catholicos George IV

The famous students and teachers of the Gevorkian Theological Seminary of the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin. The founder of the Seminary is George IV, Catholicos of Constantinople.



The Archives of the Mother See Testify

The archives of the Mother See were nationalized in the 1920s, and the State Archive was established on their basis. The numerous documents now kept there are unique documents about World War I and the Armenian Genocide that shed light on the tragedy of a century ago.

Rudyard Kipling

The name of the famous poet, children's writer, and youngest English- language Nobel Laureate Rudyard Kipling is still reluctantly mentioned, the reason is the racist and imperialist ideas.