Ashugh (mystic bard) – folklore collector

Zhora Grigoryan has educated generations for 40 years with folk music and dance. Today, the teachers of folk songs and dance in his native Aragats and surrounding villages adhere to his counsel. Grand-dad Zhora has also decoded and re-arranged a number of khaghiks (playful songs), samples of folklore. He has authored many songs.
The policy of Zhora Grigoryan is song, his concern – preservation of cultural values, refinement and transfer to the future generations.


Let there Only be Peace

“Life is a fight, and working with the soil is a torture, and the everyday life of a peasant is a fight for survival”. The harmonius family of Apo overcomes all difficulties with love. The only thing he wishes for is peace.

Longing of Rezgo

Freedom fighter Rezgo haa fought for the liberation of Artsakh along with hundreds of Yezidis. For him, his first homeland is Armenia, where the Yezidis settled down after the Genocide committed in Ottoman Turkey in 1915, where the Yezidis became literate and prosper. 
Rezgo has one big longing in his heart – the yearning for the Western Armenia, where his ancestors rest. His only dream is to cross Araz without any hindrances and resettle there with Armenians. 


Mushroom Ashot

The hero of this TV program is Ashot from Zar. His compatriots call him Mushroom Ashot since he earns his living by collecting and selling mushroom.
His wife, Paro, bakes bread in tonir. Ashot is listing all the issues of the village. He waits for his children to return one day from foreign countries to live in their father’s house.