Puppet Making Class of Nor Nork Armenian Church Youth Center

Every year dozens of children come to puppet making class of Nor Nork Armenian Church Youth Center , who don’t know how to make dalls. Everythings starts with choosing the idea, tale. And every child has a tale: the teacher Lyuda Martirosyan is sure in that.

Սերգեյ Ռախմանինով

Երաժշտությունը բավական է ողջ կյանքի համար, սակայն երաժշտության համար ողջ կյանքը բավական չէ»: 
Կոմպոզիտոր, դաշնակահար, դիրիժոր Սերգեյ Ռախմանինովի կյանքն ու ստեղծագործական ուղին՝ հեռուստահանրագիտարանի ձևաչափով: 



National Music Treasury

Over 500 folk, spiritual and ashugh songs; respective notes and lyrics not only Armenian, but in other languages too. Specialized music books and auxiliary materials. All of these in the initiative “National Armenian Music Treasury”. Hayk Hambardzumyan spoke about this unique intiative and the presentation and publicity of Armenian folk music with composer, Komitas studies expert Artur Shahnazaryan. 

Gustav Mahler

He was tortured knowing that he is the end of the line, the final point of the great symphonic arch, that began with Haydn and Mozart. It was his destiny to sum up the whole story of Austro-German music, and tie it up in a fearful knot made out of his own nerves and sinews. Life and creative path of composer, conductor Gustav Mahler in the format of encyclopedia. 


Endurance is a virtue; this is clear to every Christian, however, what can be and cannot be endured? What is the limit of endurance; for the sake of what should one endure? Bishop Gevorg Saroyan, education expert Nvard Manasyan and editor in chief of the monthly “Sunflower”, Zara Batoyan share their view-points on the aforementioned issues.

Van Gogh

He was convinced that the most genuine way to know God was to love everything around us. All what his heart and thoughts were filled with, turned into a painting. He was dreaming… painting what he dreamt.

Salvador Dali

He was against mechanics, spinach, Sun, Rembrandt, ghosts and mountains, and he was for complications, snails, Vermeer, religion and himself. “When I was six, I wanted to become a cook, in seven I wanted to become Napoleon. There are two critical things that can happen in the life of a painter of today – to be Spanish and bear the name Salvador Dali”, - this is what the author of melting clocks and burning giraffes wrote about himself.

Ever-burning Lamps (Gantegh)

The first time the Genocide was publicly voiced was after the political thaw of the Soviet Union, in early 60-s. In 1965, the Armenian Church obtained the right of officially marking the memory of the Victims of the Genocide. By the Pontifical Encyclical of Vazgen I, the year 1965 was proclaimed as ''the year of mourning and prayer''. The Monument of Holy Martyrs in the courtyard of the Mother Cathedral is the first monument in Armenia dedicated to the memory of martyrs of Genocide. It contains corpses brought from Der Zor. In spite the fact, that the Soviet citizen who was detached from the Church, basically did not understand the steps of Mother See, however, the buried memory of Genocide burst its sprigs in people, and sometimes a public movement may become unmanageable...